Hitting the slopes in a pair of SMITH snow goggles is a no-brainer. But which pair of goggles to choose? We’re here to help you figure it out! Join us as we discuss SMITH Squad vs. Squad XL vs. Squad MAG and find the right pair of snow goggles for you!

Table of Contents

A. Video Review
B. SMITH Snow Goggles
1. SMITH Squad
2. SMITH Squad XL
3. SMITH Squad MAG
C. SMITH Squad vs. Squad XL vs. Squad MAG
D. Prescription SMITH Snow Goggles at SportRx

Video Review

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SMITH Snow Goggles

SMITH is known for goggles that will allow you to ski and snowboard to perfection. With top-notch lens technology and a secure, comfortable fit, SMITH goggles are what you need for a day spent on fresh powder. For more information, check out our SMITH Snow Goggles Lens Guide.

There are plenty of similarities and differences between the SMITH Squad, SMITH Squad XL, and SMITH Squad MAG goggles. Continue reading for our breakdown of each one!


The SMITH Squad features a DriWix face foam, that allows the goggles to stay comfortably in place while wicking away moisture. Lens ventilation and Fog-X anti-fog coating also ensure clear visibility that are key on the slopes. Additionally, Carbonic-X lenses are scratch and impact resistant, so if you take a tumble, your goggles will remain intact. SMITH’s lens technology, ChromaPop™, enhances color and offers unmatched clarity.

SMITH Squad snow goggles in black with ChromaPop platinum mirror shield lens.

SMITH Squad in Black with ChromaPop Sun Platinum Mirror Lens

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SMITH Squad Key Features

  • DriWix face foam wicks away moisture
  • ChromaPop™ lens technology enhances natural colors
  • Fog-X anti-fog coating for clear visibility
  • Carbonic-X material that's scratch and impact resistant
  • Cylindrical shape is a popular look
  • Available with prescription insert


Like the Squad, the SMITH Squad XL goggles feature DriWix face foam, scratch-resistant lenses, ChromaPop™ lens tech, and anti-fog coating. The difference is in the sizing. The Squad XL comes in a larger size than the SMITH Squad. The XL sizing fits larger heads, making it a compelling option for many people.

Smith Squad XL prescription snow goggle

SMITH Squad XL in Black with ChromaPop Everyday Green

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SMITH Squad XL Key Features

  • ChromaPop™ lenses provide unparalleled clarity
  • Anti-fog coating keeps lenses clear
  • Cylindrical shape gives decent peripheral views
  • Larger size gives those with bigger heads more goggle options
  • Available with prescription insert


SMITH takes all of the top-of-the-line features from the previous two goggles and elevates them with the SMTIH Squad MAG. ChromaPop™ lenses enhances colors and clarity, while the AirEvac™ anti-fog technology and DriWix face foam provide a crystal-clear experience. Where the MAG steps it up is with the MAG™ lens changing system. Featuring six magnetic contact points and two levers, you can quickly and effortlessly swap out lenses, allowing you to tailor the goggles to your own prescription and vision needs.

SMITH Squad MAG ski & snow goggle in black with white SMITH lettering on strap. Shield lens features ChromaPop gold mirror.

SMITH Squad MAG in Black with ChromaPop Sun Black Gold Mirror Lens

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SMITH Squad MAG Key Features

  • MAG™ lens changing system lets you seamlessly switch out lenses
  • AirEvac™ anti-fog technology reduces fog build-up on lenses
  • ChromaPop™ lenses identify true colors
  • DriWix face foam sits comfortably on face
  • Cylindrical shape provides wide field of vision
  • Available with prescription insert

SMITH Squad vs. Squad XL vs. Squad MAG

All three goggles share ChromaPop™ lens technology, triple-layer DriWix face foam, and a cylindrical shape. Each pair of goggles also comes with a silicone-backed strap that provides comfort and a secure fit and are helmet-compatible. But there are some key differences.

Both the SMITH Squad and SMITH Squad XL share exceptional features. An anti-fog coating allows the lenses to remain clear, essential for safely shredding down the mountain, as well as impact-resistant lenses. The only difference between the two is sizing – the Squad XL is the perfect fit for larger heads.

The SMITH Squad MAG comes with additional features to the ones above. The MAG™ lens changing system is an optimal feature that allows you to effortlessly swap out lenses. The AirEvac™ ventilation technology pulls warm air out, minimizing the build-up of fog and moisture on the lenses.

Prescription SMITH Snow Goggles at SportRx

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