On the slopes you need gear that is able to keep up with you. The most important piece of equipment...your goggles. Make sure you can clearly see what's ahead of you, so you can react faster and perform better! Smith ChromaPop lens technology brings a new level to detail and contrast. We ventured to Portland, Mount Hood to check out the new Smith ChromaPop Everyday lens collection!


The name says it all! If you are looking to use one lens all day everyday Smith ChromaPop Everyday Lens might be the one for you! It is also a good fit for people who don't have sun sensitive eyes but wants some contrast in sunny days.

There are three lenses in Smith ChromaPop Everyday Series: ChromaPop Red, ChromaPop Green and ChromaPop Violet Mirror.

Smith ChromaPop Everyday Lens Series

ChromaPop Everyday Red is 25% VLT, while ChromaPop Green and ChromaPop Violet are 23 % VLT. (VLT stands for visible light transmission which is the amount of light that reaches your eyes through the lens. Lighter lenses have higher VLT and darker lenses have lower). So they are great for the person who wants to have just one lens. Also great for when it is bright outside or when it transitions to a snowstorm. This is the one go to lens tint!

ChromaPop Technology in all of these lenses are amazing because it gives you the ultimate contrast you need, especially when your are out on low light days. Everyday lenses even work better in low light conditions than a couple seasons lenses did, that are made for low light. So even if you have a yellow lens with a crazy VLT, these everyday lenses will do better for you in bad weather.

The differences among the three lenses, apart from their VLT percentages are mainly aesthetic. When you are looking through the Everyday Red, there is a bit of rose base to it. Everyday Green have a little bit more of a rose and Violet Mirror has a yellow, amber hue to it. Which lens suites you best is mostly based on what color your prefer!


Don't let any issues with OTG goggles interfere with how awesome all the new snow technology and features are. SportRx specializes in making prescription snow goggles, so you can see clearly as you fly down the mountain. Prescription Smith ChromaPop snow goggles are just what you need for this upcoming season! If you have any questions about which lens to get just contact an expert optician at SportRx! We are more than happy to help(:

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