While most are aware of the importance of sunglasses to protect from harmful UV rays, there is another damaging source of light that deserves equal consideration and proactive prevention, blue light. This High-Energy Visible (HEV) light poses long-term risks to the health of our eyes and is often overlooked. We will review the most common questions about this harmful light and see why Ray-Ban Blue needs to be on your next pair of glasses.

Ray-Ban Blue & Blue Light Filter FAQs

1. What is Blue Light?
2. What are the Risks of Blue Light?
3. What is Ray-Ban Blue?
4. Is Ray-Ban Blue...Blue?
5. Ray-Ban Blue Light Filter Glasses
6. How to Order Ray-Ban Blue Light Filter Glasses Online

What is Blue Light?

Similar to UV rays, blue light exposure carries benefits and risks. Ranging from 400-500 nm on the visible light spectrum, blue light can be broken into two categories: “good” blue light from 450-500 nm and “bad” blue light from 400-450 nm. For the purpose of understanding the harmful effect on your eyes and Ray-Ban Blue defense, we will focus on the latter.

“Bad” blue light rays are present both naturally and man-made. The sun emits blue light as do digital devices such as; smartphones, computers, tablets, and televisions. While small doses of blue light are tolerable, most can admit that the presence of digital technology in our daily lives has reached unprecedented amounts. Screentime is no longer just for kids but something adults willingly embrace themselves to disconnect from the virtual world. The quantity of time spent in front of these digital screens in conjunction to the proximity to the user's face poses new questions as to how we can best protect and conserve the integrity of our vision.

What are the Risks of Blue Light?

While research is currently ongoing to determine the long-term effects of blue light exposure on our eyes, there are key components that are already known today.

Digital Eye Strain

If you've spent an eight hour day working on a laptop or desktop, you'll know the feeling of eye fatigue that comes along with it. While some of us do our best to follow the 20-20-20 rule (for every 20 minutes you spend looking at a screen, you should look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds), I'll be the first to admit that my efforts are somewhat haphazard or altogether forgotten.

Because blue light is easily scattered, it is also more difficult to focus. This continued strain to focus is cumbersome on our vision and leads to the eye fatigue experienced with lengthy exposure.

Disruption of Natural Sleep Cycle

Blue light plays an important role in regulating our wake and sleep cycle. Healthy exposure to natural blue light during the day helps our body regulate its awake hours and the diminishment of blue light assists in our sleep hours. Those bright blue lights emitting from your phone at 2AM are making it harder to get back to sleep than if you had forgone that late night Facebook check.

Fluorescent lights are another significant culprit of disrupting our circadian rhythm. Anyone who has been to Las Vegas knows that the abrasive interior lighting completely alters your sense of time. Your internal clock loses its orientation and you find yourself awake well beyond your regular hours.

Increased Risk of Macular Degeneration

In addition to eye strain and disrupting your natural circadian rhythm, blue light may increase the risk of macular degeneration, a gradual change of vision that may result in blurry vision.

What is Ray-Ban Blue?

Ray-Ban Blue is a lens tech available for Ray-Ban clear prescription lenses. This lens tech is built into the material, not simply a coating. Ray-Ban Blue is available in both Polycarbonate (1.59) and High Index (1.67) lens materials. In addition to protecting the eyes from harmful blue light rays, all Ray-Ban Blue lenses come with a Premium Anti-Reflective coating. Featured on both the external and internal surface of the lens, Ray-Ban Blue with Premium AR boasts the following:

  • Frontside/Backside Glare Reduction
  • Protection against harmful HEV: Ray-Ban Blue cuts 20% from 415-455nm
  • Eye Strain Reduction: A visually comfortable experience when using digital devices.
  • Hydrophobic: Repels water to create droplets that effortlessly roll off.
  • Oleophobic: Repels oil making the lenses anti-fingerprint.
  • Anti-static: Reduces dust deposit meaning easy-to-clean glasses.
  • UV Protection: Prevents 100% of UV rays from reaching your eyes.

Is Ray-Ban Blue...Blue?

If you're already familiar with blue light glasses, you may associate them to lenses that have a blue cast. This blueish tint is made more noticeable depending on the lighting and looks particularly pronounced on camera. Love it or hate it, some may find themselves foregoing the benefits of blue light filter glasses for cosmetic reasons to avoid this blue cast.

Ray-Ban Blue does all the work of blocking harmful blue light without relying on a blueish tint. Virtually undetectable, your Ray-Ban clear lenses are just that – clear. Ray-Ban prescription lenses will also feature the Ray-Ban logo so you know you're getting the quality and craftsmanship that Ray-Ban has been providing since 1937. To read more about Ray-Ban prescription lenses, visit our blog on Ray-Ban Clear Lenses.

Ray-Ban Blue Light Filter Glasses

So you've determined you want to take a proactive approach with your eyesight in the 21st century. Bravo.
Now the fun part of selecting the perfect frame is up to you. All Ray-Ban eyeglasses are available with Ray-Ban Blue. You'll get the protection you need while enjoying a more comfortable digital experience. Need inspiration? Visit our blog on the Best Ray-Ban Eyeglasses of the year to see some of the most stylish frames available with Ray-Ban Blue. To see all Ray-Ban eyeglasses, shop our curated collection here.

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How to Order Ray-Ban Blue Light Filter Glasses Online

Shopping for Ray-Ban blue light filter glasses online has never been easier. At SportRx, we’ve streamlined every detail so your shopping experience is intuitive and easy to navigate. Our step-by-step customization process will walk you through creating your perfectly unique Ray-Ban blue light filter glasses. We’ve even made submitting your prescription an easy step during customization. Don’t have your prescription on hand? That’s ok too. Send it to us later. Questions along the way? Contact us to speak with one of our friendly expert opticians!

Ditch risky online shopping with our See Better Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with their Ray-Ban blue light filter glasses simply let us know within 45 days. We will remake them to perfection, coordinate an exchange, or provide a full refund. Don’t let fears of shipping and restocking fees hold you back. We cover shipping- both ways, and never charge restocking fees. Your peace of mind is worth it.

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