Summer is fading and we're heading into fall, so we have no choice but to round up the best Ray-Ban eyeglasses of 2021. Looking for that classic, undeniable Ray-Ban style, or a fashion statement to keep your trendsetter title? We've got it. We also have the best pair of glasses to make those long hours staring at screens bearable, whether you’re typing up a research paper, or clicking, "I'm still watching" when Netflix asks. No matter what style you’re looking for, Ray-Ban eyeglasses are available with authentic Ray-Ban lenses to fit your custom prescription. You can even customize your Ray-Ban eyeglasses with optional blue light-blocking technology. To soak up the last few months of 2021, let’s take a look at some of the best Ray-Ban eyeglasses.


8 Best Ray-Ban Eyeglasses

1. Best Classic Style Ray-Ban Eyeglasses
1.1. RB5154 Clubmaster
1.2. RB4340V Wayfarer Ease
1.3. RB5228
2. Best On-Trend Ray-Ban Eyeglasses
2.1 RB3447V Round Metal
2.2. RB7140
3. Best Ray-Ban Eyeglasses For Computers and Screens
3.1. RB5279
3.2. RB5277
3.3. RB6335


Best Classic Style Eyeglasses

RB5154 Clubmaster

The Clubmaster is one of the most recognizable and iconic Ray-Ban frames. Originally launched in the 1980s, the Clubmaster design is a true classic that has been popular ever since. These full-rimmed glasses with adjustable silicone nose pads and acetate temples provide maximum comfort. The top of the frames align with the brow line. Unisex Ray-Ban Clubmaster glasses are perfect for oval and heart-shaped faces. To learn more about one of Ray-Ban’s most popular frames, watch our Ray-Ban RB5154 Clubmaster Overview.

Ray-Ban RB5154 Clubmaster in Dark Havana with Clear lenses

Ray-Ban RB5154 Clubmaster in Dark Havana

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RB4340V Wayfarer Ease

Bringing a more laidback look to the world-famous Ray-Ban Wayfarer design, the Wayfarer Ease is a nod to the original Wayfarer, featuring extra comfort. The Wayfarer Ease doesn't have the angled tilt of the original Wayfarer, and features a taller and deeper lens than the New Wayfarer. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ease glasses offer comfort, clarity, and style, ready for all-day wear. To learn more about the Wayfarer Ease, watch our Ray-Ban RB4340V Wayfarer Ease Overview.

Ray-Ban RB4340V Wayfarer Ease in Havana

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ease in Havana

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Ray-Ban RB5228 prescription glasses are an authentic representation of the classic-cool Ray-Ban image. The sleek design is composed of a durable, lightweight all-acetate frame, featuring square lenses. It's all in the details for the unisex RB5228. Silver rivets on the frame front and the Ray-Ban logo embedded in the temples make this frame stand out. To learn more about the Ray-Ban RB5228, watch our Ray-Ban RB5228 Overview.

RB5228 in Shiny Black

RB5228 in Shiny Black

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Best On-Trend Eyeglasses

RB3447V Round Metal

These round frames make an effortless fashion statement. A full rim made of lightweight metal creates the throwback style of this round shape. Stay on trend with a casual frame perfect for any occasion. Adjustable nose pads provide the perfect fit and thin temples are capped with plastic temple tips to provide all-day comfort. To learn more about the RB3447 Round Metal Eyeglass, watch our Ray-Ban RB3447V Round Metal Overview.

Ray-Ban RB3447V Silver On Top, Blue

Ray-Ban RB3447V Silver and Blue

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A Rexy Award winner, the RB7140 is a no-brainer when it comes to functional fashion. With a variety of combinations to choose from, this fashion-forward frame combines both metal and color. It's the perfect frame to dress up or down, no matter your occasion. To learn more about why the RB7140 is such a crowd pleaser, watch our Ray-Ban RB7140 Overview.

Ray-Ban RB7140 in Shiny Black

Ray-Ban RB7140 in Shiny Black

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Best Eyeglasses For Computers And Screens


With a full acetate frame, thin temples, and slight uplift at the brow line, the RB5279 is a modern take on a classic style. This frame provides optimal comfort and functionality, while the minimalistic style makes it a perfect choice for transitioning from work to play. To learn more about the RB5279, watch, our Ray-Ban RB5279 Overview.

Ray-Ban RB5279 Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban RB5279 in Dark Havana

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The simple and sleek design of the RB5277's rectangular frame offers ultimate comfort and functionality. At the temple tips, there is a hidden textured interior so that you get extra grip, without compromising the minimalist exterior design. With silver accents on the front of the frame, this design will make you feel comfortable and confident in your next virtual meeting. To learn more about the RB5277, watch our Ray-Ban RB5277 Overview.

RB5277 in Sandblasted Black

RB5277 in Sandblasted Black

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The sophisticated RB6335 features rectangular frames that are semi-rimless and super lightweight. With an adjustable nose pad you can find your perfect fit and ensure you’ll be comfortable well past your work day. To learn more about the sturdy and stylish RB6335, watch our Ray-Ban RB6335 Overview.

Ray-Ban RB6335 in Matte Black

Ray-Ban RB6335 in Matte Black

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