Do prescription sunglasses exist?

They might sound too good to be true, but prescription sunglasses do exist! As the weather is warming up and the sun is shinning, make sure your eyes are prepared! Rx sunglasses combine the benefits of both sunglasses and eyeglasses. They will keep your eye protected while providing you a clear vision. Tired of switching back and forth between glasses, or even finding yourself shamelessly trying to wear your sunglasses over your eyeglasses? Prescription sunglasses are perfect for driving, soaking up some sun, and even for sport performances.

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Why buy prescription sunglasses?

  • Optical Clarity. First and foremost, Rx sunglasses offer a lens tailored to your prescription. They'll help increase your vision while reducing any glares and distortions.
  • Eye protection. Sunglasses will help eliminate harmful rays that could be hurting your eyes or causing eye-fatigue. Additionally, they provide a shield from dust, insect, and dirt particles.
  • Contact Issues. Have your contacts become a hassle or expense? Rx sunglasses are a great option for when your eyes are getting dry or you just plain old need a break from dealing with contact lens issues.
  • Convenience. Basically two for one! You won't need to switch back and forth between glasses or have to stress over contacts.
  • Fashion accessory. With such a wide variety of styles and brands, you have the ability to find the pair perfect for you personally. Sunglasses are a statement piece and give the opportunity for self expression.
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Can you get prescription sunglasses online?

Yes! Look no further than here at SportRx! We offer a wide variety of prescription sunglasses from fashion and everyday to sport. Contact us and one of our expert optician will gladly answer any questions. Discover the combined benefits of sunglasses protection and eyeglasses optimal clarity with a pair of prescription sunglasses. It's easy as pie to order prescription sunglasses online. Check out our tips on buying glasses online!