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Need performance prescription sunglasses that can meet the grueling expectations of climbing mountains and glaciers, all while providing pristine vision and protection amidst the elements? You came to the right place! Below is a list of the top picks for 2019 best mountaineering sunglasses to help you narrow down the options. If you want to know in greater detail how to choose the right pair, check out the Mountaineering Sunglasses Buyers Guide where you can learn which features provide the level of support you need. Before heading out to conquer the mountains, be sure to pack your favorite sunglasses to protect your eyes from the extreme sun glare and high elevation sun.

Julbo takes the cake for the best mountaineering sunglasses. In 1950, Julbo revolutionized the mountaineer sunglass business with their classic Vermont mountaineering sunglass. Julbo has been dominating the mountaineering glasses market ever since. Below are the top performing prescription sunglasses of the year. No matter the adventure, Julbo’s wide selection of mountaineering sunglasses are here to keep your eyes protected and with pristine visibility.

Top Picks for 2019

1. Julbo Explorer 2.0
2. Julbo Vermont Classic
3. Julbo Montebianco
4. Julbo Cham
5. Julbo Shield


What to Look for in Mountaineering Sunglasses

Finding a killer pair of prescription mountaineering sunglasses all comes down to two main elements: frames and lenses. Frame technology is all about supporting you and your adventure by functioning so seamlessly you forget your sunglasses are even there. No slippage. No fiddling. Just focusing on the adventure. Some key features are rubber grip nose pads and flexible temples, side shields and cord attachment holes. All these features have one purpose in mind: best face grip possible while keeping peripherial light out.

Ultimately with high-altitude lenses it all comes down to one goal: keeping as much glare and light away from your eyes. Lens Technology such as mirror finishes and dark lenses fight the harsh light conditions caused by the reflective surface of snow and glaciers. Some other features to consider are transition lenses, polarization, and lens color. Also, SportRx has put together an easy to use prebuilt-lens guide with some helpful lens combinations to get the ball rolling.


Julbo Explorer 2.0

Julbo Explorer 2.0 Matte Black/Black Cameleon Julbo Explorer 2.0 Sunglasses in Matte Black/Black with Cameleon lens

The Julbo Explorer 2.0 are the ultimate high-altitude mountaineering sunglasses. They offer everything you need for your journey to the summit. Featuring Spectron 4 polycarbonate lenses and incorporated vents, the Julbo Explorer 2.0 ensures that your lenses stay as clear as possible during your excursions. In addition, the adjustable side temples and an adjustable neck cord allows for even greater adjustability and comfort.

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Julbo Vermont Classic

Julbo Vermont Julbo Vermont in Brass/Brown with Spectron 3CF Lenses

The Julbo Vermont Classic glasses feature traditional mountaineering frame with round lens, a leather nose piece and leather side shields, which offer protection and comfort when headed to the summits. These frames are for the mountaineer who wants to channel generations of past great adventurers. These classic mountaineering glasses feature polycarbonate lenses which help to remove remove glacier glare and filter light to guarantee the best vision possible.

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Julbo Montebianco

Julbo Montebianco Army Orange Julbo Montebianco in Army with Orange Lens

MonteBianco is simplicity and functionality combined. Both stylish and sleek, MonteBianco’s curved temples provide maximum coverage, whether cruising around town or climbing Mount Rainier. In addition, the MonteBianco frame is geared toward the adventurer who desires a wide field of vision without compromising total coverage. Lastly, the rubber grip temples with cord attachment holes and removable side shields provide ultimate versatility.

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Julbo Cham

Julbo Cham in Black Matte/Black with Spectron 3CF Lense Julbo Cham in Black Matte/Black with Spectron 3CF Lense

The Cham frame is a hybrid of the classic Julbo’s model with the updated technology of modern metal frames. The flexible rubber temples and adjustable rubber nose pieces allow you to get the most out of your prescription sunglasses throughout your entire adventure. Retro leather side shields nod their head toward tradition while bringing the spirit from generations of past mountaineers into the future. The metal frame provides support, while still maintaining a lightweight feel. To sum it up, the Cham brings the cool retro feel to the modern adventure seeker.

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Julbo Shield

Julbo Shield Julbo Shield in Blue/Blue/Orange with Cameleon Lense

Shield is one of Julbo’s stylish frame designed with the hardcore mountaineer in mind. All-terrain and all-protection, Shield gives endless possibility to those daring enough to go there. Non-slip curved temples with cord holes and rubberized nose pads help the sunglasses stay put throughout every technical section. Also, The removable soft-feel side shields offer maximum comfort and style. Moreover, Shield is Julbo’s tallest frame with the largest field of view delivers uninterrupted vision.

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