Technology and innovation are in Oakley's DNA. They are a brand who pride themselves on making strides in the industry while also improving their own products. Through the Oakley Targetline sunglasses, Oakley shows the best of both their advanced technology as well as their attention to detail. Sunglass Rob from SportRX met up with Oakley to provide a first look at the new pair.

Deeper Lens

The Targetline is truly an all encompassing pair of sunglasses. As seen in the video, the sunglasses are ideal for professional golfers due to the frame design. It all starts with the deeper lenses. A taller lens gives the glasses a more casual look but also serve as a performance function. This style of lens was purposeful in order to maximize clear downward vision. This is a trait critical for successful golf swings!

Frame Retention

A tighter tip-to-tip distance on the temple stems provide a more secure and sporty feel. Additionally, the angled brow and thin stems of the Target Line allows hats to be worn with the glasses comfortably. While looking down, you need to have a pair of sunglasses that won't slide off your face. Keeping this detail in mind, Oakley included it's Unobtanium technology in the design. The Unobtainium saddle nosebridge adds traction and comfort for an all around snug fit. What's especially amazing about the material is that the more you sweat, the stickier and tackier it gets!

*There is also an Asian Fit version of the Targetline.

Glare Reduction

To further make sure that interruption from sunlight and glare does not affect performance, Oakley included side shields in the design. This allows the Targetline to rest even closer to your face. The side shields also help as backside glare is eliminated which ensures maximum visibility. Thus, the Oakley Targetline sunglasses are ideal for performance on and off the golf course.

PRIZM Lens Technology

For the ultimate golf experience you need PRIZM Golf lenses. PRIZM is Oakley's color enhancing, image sharpening lens technology which leads the lens industry in performance and safety. These lenses are designed specifically for the golf course environment and will allow you to track the ball and read the greens better. Improved contrast and detail in the colors that you want to see will help improve your skills.

Oakley Targetline

Targetline prizm dark golf

Oakley Targetline in Matte Black with PRIZM Dark Golf

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Frame Dimensions

  • Lens Height: 43 mm
  • Lens Width: 57 mm
  • Bridge: 16 mm
  • Frame Width: 135 mm
  • Temple Length: 135 mm

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