Oakley has revolutionized the world of golf sunglasses with the innovative Oakley PRIZM Golf and PRIZM Dark Golf lens. Oakley PRIZM is fine tuned to enhance textures, colors and light conditions that are specific to sport environments, and the golf course is no exception. In order to play your best game of golf, you need to do more than just see the greens. You need to be able to spot transitions between the fairway, fringe and rough. You’ll want to be able to gauge distance and grass conditions with accuracy and increased depth cues. With Oakley PRIZM Golf Sunglasses, you can enhance your game and experience in more ways than one.

PRIZM Golf was first introduced to the greens and works well for just about any golf condition. However, like always, Oakley saw further opportunity for improvement. Many golf courses are located in primarily sunny environments, causing a need for an even darker lens. PRIZM Dark Golf is designed to meet and exceed expectations in bright light conditions.

How Oakley PRIZM Golf Lenses Will Improve Your Game

  • Helps you spot grass textures you might otherwise miss
  • Improves contrast between the greens of healthy grass and the yellows, oranges and reds of unhealthy grass
  • Differentiates grain direction to help predict ball speed
  • Separates shades of green to make it easier to spot fairway, fringe, rough transitions
  • Provides separation of colors which gives you more depth cues to gauge distance for wedge shots
  • PRIZM Golf and Dark Golf have you covered in any lighting condition

Are Oakley PRIZM Golf Lenses Polarized?

Many of the Oakley PRIZM Sport lenses, including PRIZM Golf and Dark Golf, are not polarized. Although a polarized lens does a great job of reducing glare, it is not always recommended in a hand-eye coordinated sport environment. Polarized lenses have been known to throw off depth perception due to the polarized filter that cuts out the horizontal wavelength found in glare. This is the last thing you need when you are focusing on your putt.

Similarities Between PRIZM Golf and PRIZM Dark Golf:

  • PRIZM lens technology for boosted contrast
  • Designed specifically for playing golf
  • Available in prescription

Differences Between PRIZM Golf and PRIZM Dark Golf:

  • PRIZM Golf is ideal for low to medium light with a VLT of 30% and has a lighter tint
  • PRIZM Dark Golf will excel in bright and sunny conditions and has a darker tint with VLT 22%

*VLT(visible light transmission)- the amount of visible light that passes through the lens to your eyes. A lower VLT is a darker tint since less light is passing through. A higher VLT is a lighter tint because more light is transmitted through the lens.

Oakley PRIZM Golf Sunglasses

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Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

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Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL


half jacket PRIZM Golf

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 in Polished Black with PRIZM Golf

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Oakley PRIZM Golf Sunglasses in Prescription at SportRx

Take your pair of Oakley Golf sunglasses to the next level with PRIZM Golf lenses. If you need a little help in the vision department, you’re in luck. Oakley PRIZM prescription is a real thing and the SportRx opticians are the real deal. Once you find your favorite pair, we’ll get to work on crafting the best Oakley PRIZM prescription golf sunglasses. If you have any questions pertaining to Oakley PRIZM lenses, Oakley golf sunglasses, or prescription sunglasses in general, we’re here for you, every day of the week! Contact us via phone, email or LiveChat and we’ll be sure to help you out.

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