If your eyewear is constantly touching your cheeks or hitting your eyelashes, it’s time to try Asian fit. Designed to cater to Asian features, many brands embrace this collection to accommodate a wider variety of faces. When it comes to eyewear, fit is crucial. An improper fit can impair your vision and cause a headache or dizziness. Now you can eliminate discomfort and maximize the functionality of your eyewear with a fit tailored just for you.

Average Fit vs. Asian Fit

The 2 main facial features that make average-fitting eyewear problematic are minimal nose bridges and high cheekbones. By addressing these key differences, designers developed a few techniques to complement these features rather than complicate them.

    • Asian fit eyewear has nose bridges that are narrower and deeper than the average fit. This enables them to be fitted with thick nose mount pads specifically designed to lift the frames off of your cheekbones and allow them to rest comfortably higher on the nose.
    • The lenses are shorter and wider, preventing them from touching your eyelashes and keeping both the frames and lenses from hitting your cheeks.
    • The frame curvature is reduced to keep the frames from touching your temples, ensuring they stay straight and upright.


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AKA Asian Fit

It’s worth mentioning that some companies find the term “Asian fit” to be controversial because it targets a specific ethnic group’s facial features. For this reason Asian fit is also known as the following categories:

  • Omni fit
  • Universal fit
  • Global fit
  • Alternative fit
  • Low bridge fit

Although major eyewear companies like Maui Jim and Ray-Ban see no harm in having an Asian fit collection, others prefer to use an alternative term. This is because, at the end of the day, consumers can benefit from these modifications regardless of whether they’re of Asian descent or not.

Brands That Offer Asian Fit

One size does not fit all, which is why the eyewear industry challenged the traditional fit by gently tweaking classic designs to flatter Asian features. Let’s take a look at some of the brands that optimized their eyewear selection to cater to a diverse audience.


Oakley’s TruBridge Technology provides an alternative fit by adapting to the width and depth of your nose bridge. Also known as MNP (modular nose pad) Technology, Oakley uses up to 4 interchangeable nose pads to keep your frames centered and off of your cheeks.


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Ray-Ban Asian fit offers specifications for their acetate and nylon frames in lens shapes, frame angles, and nosepieces. Their metal frames, like Aviators, have adjustable nosepads to keep your glasses from sliding down your nose or touching your cheeks.

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Costa’s OmniFit allows their exceptional quality of sunglasses to be worn by a wider variety of face types. This technology modifies the fit for higher cheekbones, longer eyelashes, and flatter noses by using thicker nose pads, wider lenses, and shorter temples.

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Maui Jim

Maui Jim characterizes their Asian fit collection by having wider and flatter frame fronts, thicker and built-up nosepads, and longer temples, all to improve comfort and performance.


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Products Offered in Asian Fit

Don’t settle for an okay fit, utilize this technology that enhances your features for a perfect fit. You can find the following products in Asian fit:

  • Prescription/non-prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses
  • Snow goggles
  • Helmets

SMITH has a huge selection of Asian fit snow goggles and helmets. They add extra foam lining at the nose bridge in their goggles for a full seal around your eyes, so there’s no chance of snow or wind getting through the gap. All of the anti-fog technology in the world won’t help you if your goggles aren’t sealed to begin with.


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