Costa's on a mission to deliver the clearest lenses on the planet. And what's more than making them fit every face on the planet? Costa OmniFit sunglasses are designed to fit 7 billion faces so that every individual can experience the exceptional quality of Costa sunglasses. These frames are comprised of all the quality and technology of every pair of Costa sunglasses, created in a comfortable size that's suitable for a larger variety of face types. Take a look at the full breakdown of Costa OmniFit or Asian Fit with our friends in Florida.

About Costa OmniFit

Costa's Asian fit technology modifies the sunglasses to fit higher cheekbones, longer eyelashes, and flatter nose and cheek facial structures. Costa OmniFit sunglasses will have a thicker nose pad area that allows more hydrolite. The build of these glasses is wider across the face, with shorter temples, which will work to raise the glasses further off your face. This new Costa technology will leave you smiling ear to ear without having your cheekbones interfere.

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The OmniFit is available with Costa's top-notch glasses, including:

Costa Fantail

Costa Fantail in Blackout with 580 Gray Silver Polarized Lens

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Costa Blackfin Prescription sunglasses

Costa Blackfin sunglasses with green mirror 580 lenses.

Shop Costa OmniFit Blackfin

Costa Del Mar Fathom, Costa Sunglasses, Costa Del Mar, Fishing Sunglasses

Costa Fathom in tortoise with 580 Green Mirror lens

Shop Costa OmniFit Fathom

Costa Tuna Alley Prescription Sunglasses

Costa Tuna Alley in matte black with Blue 580 Lenses.

Shop Costa OmniFit Tuna Alley

Costa Permit Prescription Sunglasses

Costa Permit Sunglasses with copper 580 Lenses.

Shop Costa OmniFit Permit

Coast Omni Fit Prescription sunglasses

Costa Corbina in Matte Black with 580G Blue mirrored lenses

Shop Costa OmniFit Corbina

Costa Fisch

Costa Fisch in Tortoise with 580P Blue Mirror Lenses

Shop Costa OmniFit Fisch

As many people know, Costa designs their sunglasses for those who love to live life on the water. Built for protective, clear vision, Costa sunglasses will help you see when looking for fish, baiting a hook, or just relaxing on the boat. A pair of Costa OmniFit sunglasses will provide you with durability and high-quality function throughout the day. The 100% polarization, 580 color enhancing technology, anti-reflective coating, and water-repellent coating will make every day on the water a great one!

Who sells Costa OmniFit prescription sunglasses? Look no further than SportRx. We carry the largest variety of both non-prescription and prescription Costa OmniFit sunglasses, and our team of expert opticians is here to help you find that perfect pair of Costa Asian Fit sunglasses. Give us a call if you have any questions pertaining to Costa sunglasses, Costa prescription sunglasses, prescription sunglasses in general, or just care to chat. We're here for you, 7 days a week!