Express yourself on the mountains with the amazing selection of premium snow goggles available this season. But, knowing where to begin your search for the perfect pair can be a little confusing. The goggle size guide is here to help you avoid shopping paralysis and to keep you looking fresh from first tracks until you hit the après-ski.

Because when it comes to not looking like a gaper, knowing which size fits your face is just as important as knowing which brands are in this season. The goggle size guide has you covered for both. Below the best snowboard and ski goggles of 2019 are arranged from smallest to largest.


1. Extra Small to Small Faces
2. Medium to Large Faces
3. Large to Extra Large Faces


Snow Goggle Size Guide For Extra Small To Small Face Types

Oakley Line Miner Youth

Goggle Size Guide

Oakley Line Miner Youth in Matte White with PRIZM™ Jade

Shop Oakley Line Miner Youth

If you have a next-generation shredder, look no further than the powerful Oakley Line Miner, now available for those with smaller faces. Get them the first-ever youth goggle that utilizes Oakley's best in class PRIZM™ technology, because it's never too early to maximize contrast and enhance visibility for the best and safest riding experience. The Liner Miner Youth is also available in Asian Fit.



Goggle Size Guide

SMITH Grom in Flash Game Over with ChromaPop™ Everyday Green Mirror

Shop SMITH Grom

Are your kids looking to take their snowboarding or skiing skills to the next level? SMITH Grom with ChromaPop™ has the next level technology to provide them with better color and contrast on any slope at any time. The Grom utilizes scratch and impact resistant spherical carbonic-x lenses, keeping their vision pristine while on your next family ski or snowboarding adventure.


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Snow Goggle Size Guide For Medium To Large Face Types

Oakley Flight Deck XM

Flight Deck XM

Oakley Flight Deck XM in Matte White with PRIZM™ Sapphire

Shop Oakley Flight Deck XM

The Flight Deck XM is Oakley's mid-sized snow goggle which sports a sleek and frameless design. Similar to the full-size Flight Deck, these goggles provide a maximum field of view, ensuring you hit every mogul this season. Oakley's Flight Deck XM subframe attachment system makes for fast and easy lens changing, assisting you in getting more runs in during changing conditions. The Oakley Flight Deck XM is also available in Asian Fit. We have a comparison review of the Flight Deck and Flight Deck XM if you want to see how this goggle stacks up against the larger version.


Anon M4 Toric


Anon Optics M4 Toric in Rush Sonar Silver with SONAR™ Infrared Blue

Shop Anon M4 Toric

For the most precise helmet-to-goggle fit, check out the medium to large fit of the Anon M4. Anon's Toric lens technology mimics the curvature of your eye, providing superior optics while enhancing peripheral vision. This goggle even incorporates magnetic facemask integration, sealing your Anon MFI facemask to the goggle in a snap. The Anon M4 Toric also includes Magna-Tech technology to self-align the lens to the frame, making lens changes effortless. If you're looking for snowboard and ski goggles that provides all-around versatility, get the Anon M4 Toric this season.


Oakley Fall Line

Goggle Size Guide

Oakley Fall Line in Halo with PRIZM™ Torch

Shop Oakley Fall Line

Check out the newest addition to the Oakley "Line Series" with the Oakley Fall Line. These goggles are available in a medium to large fit to help you see the most direct path down the mountain. This mid-size rimless snow goggle fits a wide variety of faces while providing you with larger fields of view. Furthermore, Oakley makes changing lenses quick and easy while still offering a complete seal with their RidgeLock technology. Oakley's Fall Line snowboard and ski goggles will help you ride and look your best this season. The Oakley Fall Line is also available in Asian Fit.



Goggle Size Guide

SMITH IO7 in White Out with ChromaPop™ Everyday Green Mirror


Without delay, we present the first of large fit section of the goggle size guide. It's the SMITH IO7 which sports a rimless design and quick release lens system for seamless interchangeability. Utilizing ChromaPop™ lens technology, SMITH IO7's allow you to see detail and color beyond standard capabilities when carving your mountain. Are your lenses are fogging up during quick altitude changes or from breathing heavily while on intense runs? Check out the SMITH IO7 with ChromaPop™ lenses that combine Fog-X and Porex™ Vaporator lens technology to help you fight the fog.


Dragon X2

Goggle Size Guide

Dragon X2 in Bryan Iguchi Signature with Lumalens® Dark Smoke

Shop Dragon X2

Next up in the large fit section of the goggle size guide is the Dragon X2. The X2 is an ultra-premium snowboard and ski goggle that fixates on performance and comfort. The Dragon X2 is a large frame goggle that can also be comfortably worn by those with large to extra-large face types. These frameless goggles utilize Lumalens® technology providing best-in-class clarity while expanding peripheral vision. Don't forget about the X2's armor frame ventilation and triple layer face foam that keeps your lenses clear and dry. Dragon also incorporates their Swiftlock lens changing system in the X2's, allowing you to cater to the ever-changing environments.


Oakley Line Miner

Goggle Size Guide

Oakley Line Miner in Matte Black with PRIZM™ Torch

Shop Oakley Line Miner

Lastly in the large section of the goggle size guide is the Oakley Line Miner, a goggle that can also fit those blessed with an extra-large head. By designing the Line Miner to sit closer to your face, Oakley delivers the best peripheral vision your eyes can experience. The Oakley Line Miner allows for unbeatable downward and side-to-side views while shredding the gnar this season. The Line Miner utilizes Oakley's PRIZM™ lens technology to control light transmission, which precisely tunes colors maximizing contrast and enhancing visibility. The Oakley Line Miner is also available in Asian Fit.


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Snow Goggle Size Guide For Large to Extra Large Face Types

Oakley Flight Deck

Oakley Flight Deck prizm rose

Oakley Flight Deck in Matte Black with PRIZM™ Rose

Shop Oakley Flight Deck

First up in the large to extra large section of the goggle size guide is the Oakley Flight Deck. If you enjoy flying downhill while looking large and in charge than this goggle is for you. With an oversized rimless design, the Flight Deck draws its inspiration from fighter pilots helmet visors. The Oakley Flight Deck keeps your peripheral and downward vision wide open. Engage all targets of opportunities when bombing down runs this season with the Oakley Flight Deck. The Oakley Flight Deck is also available in Asian Fit. You can also check out our full review of the Oakley Flight Deck.


SPY Legacy

Goggle Size Guide

SPY Legacy in Old School White with Happy Gray Green w/ Red Spectra + Happy Persimmon w/ Lucid Silver

Shop SPY Legacy

Last on our snow goggle size guide is the SPY Legacy with Happy Lens™. These extra-large snow goggles sport the lowest profile and widest peripheral view of any premium SPY goggle. The Spy Legacy crams many top-end technologies into a sleek design for riders with large heads or who prefer the oversized look. For game-changing technology, SPY incorporates their Happy Lens™ into the SPY Legacy. This technology not only increases clarity, color, and contrast, but can also help enhance your mood. The SPY Legacy is also available in Asian Fit.

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