Having the best gear means nothing if the fit isn't right. For years, snow goggles have come in different sizes but still fell short to fit the variety of face shapes out there. Oakley identified this problem and designed asian fit snow goggles as a solution.

*2020/'21 update per Oakley Goggle Design Team on the discontinuation of 'Asian Fit' goggles: "We modified all Goggle models to a new Global fit which is very close to the Asian fit with a bit of a different transition in the foam shape in nasal area. Therefore, the Global fit is a fit that is now ideal to fit all facial/nose bridge shapes and sizes for all standard and Asian fit face features. No need to differentiate anymore!"

With ALL Oakley goggles now available in Global Fit there is no need to read on more to find your fit. Instead, you can shop all Oakley Global Fit goggles. The video below was published a few years ago when Global Fit goggles had not yet been introduced.


Common issues with snow goggle fit occur around the nosebridge. If there is not a proper seal around the entire edge of the goggle, gaps exist and cold air can get in. When cold air sneaks in it mixes with warm air inside the goggle and creates fog, not to mention a cold face!


1. What Are Global Fit Goggles?
2. Who Needs Global Fit Snow Goggles?
3. What you get with your Oakley Global Fit Goggles

What Are Global Fit Goggles?

Oakley Global Fit snow goggles have more padding around the nosebridge area. This is to fit a wider range of nose shapes and sizes. The extra padding helps to fill in any gaps and keep cold air out.

Who Needs Global Fit Snow Goggles?

Global Fit goggles are recommended for individuals with flatter noses. Or really anyone who would like some extra padding around the nose. Lucky for you, all of the Oakley 2020/'21 goggles are global fit!

What you get with your Oakley Global Fit Goggles

All the Oakley snow goggles in this guide have been engineered from the ground up to give you the best possible on-mountain performance. Any one of these goggles come standard with the following:


  • PRIZM-Oakley PRIZM Lens Technology boosts contrast so you can see the edges and bumps in the snow easier, making for a safer and more enjoyable ride.
  • Triple-layer foam-This foam layer provides a seal around your face to keep cold air out and prevent chances of fogging. It also adds comfort to the fit so you can stay out on the mountain for hours on end.
  • Adjustable silicone-lined strap-You can customize the length of the strap to make it helmet compatible. The silicon lining helps to keep the goggle in place whether you are wearing a helmet or rocking a beanie.
  • Anti-fog coating- Applied to the inside of the lens to help combat fogging.
  • Dual Pane lenses-This helps to balance the inside and outside temperatures to greatly reduce any chance of fogging.


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