Oakley Radar EV Path PRIZM Road sunglasses

Oakley Radar EV Path Matte Black PRIZM Road

Introducing the new Oakley Radar EV Path! This is the next generation of the Oakley Radar Family. If you've been following the lineage, the Oakley Radar Family started back in the day with the Razor Blades and the M Frames, and then grew to the Radars, RadarLocks and the Radar XLs, and now we have arrived at the Radar EVs.

So the Radar EV Path is pretty fantastic. When you unbox your Oakley Radar EV Path you'll find your standard Oakley hard case along with a soft bag which doubles as a microfiber cleaning cloth. You will also find an extra set of nose pads.

Here's a video on our full Oakley Radar EV Path review & unboxing:


Updated Styling: The styling on the Oakley Radar EV Path is extremely detailed with a lot of lines and cuts, giving it a bold, defined look. Metal O icons on the temples finish off the look.

Optimized Field of Vision: The Radar EV offers Extended Vision. The upper peripheral design up top is specifically made to give you an extended field of vision so that the top of the frame does not get in the way of your view. If you're a cyclist or a triathlete, this is especially useful for you, as it gives you unobstructed coverage when you're in the cycling position - even if you're in an aggressive geometry on the bike.

Improved Anti-Fog: Integrated surge ports in the temples allow more airflow through the glasses. Combine this with upgraded venting in the lenses and you have a pair of Radar EV sunglasses that are extremely difficult to fog.

Three-Point-Fit + Unobtanium = A Secure, Optically-aligned Fit: The frame on the Oakley Radar EV Path is constructed with Oakley's proprietary O Matter material, so it's super lightweight and super durable. The frame is engineered with Oakley's Three-Point-Fit System, so is designed to rest comfortably on your nose and gently hug your temples. This ensures a comfortable and secure fit; the Oakley Radar EV Path stays in place on your face without having to hook behind your ears, which makes them really easy to take off and on if you're wearing a helmet. Unobtanium nose pads and temples are engineered by the mad scientists at Oakley to increase grip with perspiration, so the grip on your sunglasses get sticker and tackier the harder you work.

Extra Nose Pads: The extra set of nose pads are thicker and allow the glasses to sit up higher and slightly further away from your face. This is especially designed for "Asian Fit." It helps keep the glasses from hitting the cheekbones on a face with a flatter nose bridge.

Interchangeable Lenses: The Oakley Radar Path EV comes with one set of lenses, however the lenses are interchangeable, and extra lenses for different light conditions can be ordered separately.

If you have questions about ordering the Oakley Radar EV Path in prescription, feel free to contact our opticians! We're here seven days a week to answer any questions you have about ordering prescription Oakley Radar EV Path!