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Oakley Radar Path

Oakley Radar EV Path Review & Unboxing

Introducing the new Oakley Radar EV Path! This is the next generation of the Oakley Radar Family. If you’ve been following the lineage, the Oakley Radar Family started back in the day with the Razor Blades and the M Frames, and then grew to the Radars, RadarLocks and the Radar XLs, and now we have arrived […]

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Oakley RadarLock Path vs. Pitch. It’s all about your face.

At first glance, these Oakley RadarLock sunglasses look nearly identical. In terms of overall design, feel and looks, both the Oakley RadarLock Path and RadarLock Pitch are in the same ballpark. In fact, the lenses on each of these models are compatible with the other. So what’s the difference? It actually comes down to the […]

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