As if the Oakley Holbrook wasn't already a best-seller, Oakley upped the game of the Holbrook Collection by adding a metal frame material. We are very excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Oakley heritage: Oakley Holbrook Metal! These sunglasses offer a sleek, thin look that are phenomenal. Check out our Oakley Holbrook Metal review:

Oakley Holbrook Metal

Oakley Holbrook Metal is an amazing eyewear option that features a lightweight stainless steel frame, three-point fit, Hollowpoint hinges, and unobtainium temples. The three-point fit ensures that the Holbrook Metal only makes contact with the bridge of the nose and behind the temples. The temples go straight back, rather than hooking behind your ears, for a more sporty fit that eliminates discomfort. The Hollowpoint hinges are probably the greatest feature about these sunglasses. The Hollowpoint hinges do not have screws and will not loosen, providing great durability. Lastly, the unobtainium material is found mostly on the inside of the temples so the sunglasses stay on comfortably.


The lightweight stainless steel frame and keyhole nose bridge adds a stylish flare to the new metal design. The technical information on the Oakley Holbrook Metal is quite impressive, too. This information is provided on our video, but here are some of the highlights: 55mm lens width, 43mm lens height, 127mm temple length, 18mm distance between nose bridge, and 141mm temple to temple. The nose bridge is adjustable, ensuring utmost comfort. Another great feature about the Oakley Holbrook Metal is that it fits a variety of faces and head shapes.


Oakley Holbrook Metal


Oakley Holbrook Metal is similar in aesthetic and lens shape as the tried and true Oakley Holbrook. These two sunglasses also share similarities in the keyhole nose bridge and rivets. A difference between the two is that the original Oakley Holbrook is made out of Oakley “O-Matter”. "O-Matter" is a plastic material that allows the sunglasses to bend rather than break. Oakley Holbrook Metal is also lightweight and durable with its stainless steel material. The new style offers the same sporty durability, with a new sleek metal finish. Take a look at the key similarities and differences between the Oakley Holbrook and Holbrook Metal:


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