Oakley is at the top of the game with their constant improvements in the optic and helmet departments of the snow industry. The Oakley Flight Deck has been a favorite goggle of ours for quite some time. With its wide adjustable strap, the Flight Deck offers a wide range of helmet compatibility. With so many helmets being able to fit well with the goggles, we felt it was only right to choose another one of our favorite Oakley products, the Mod5 snow helmet. Check out Sunglass Rob and TJ from Snowboard Pro Camp as they take on some heavy conditions at Mammoth mountain using the Oakley Flight Deck and Mod5 integration!

Oakley Flight Deck

The Oakley Flight Deck goggles provide you with unparalleled peripheral vision due to a rimless lens design. This design helps see more of the mountain in all directions- up, down, and side-to-side. Another key feature of the Oakley Flight Deck goggles is its wide, oversized adjustable strap. Combined with a silicone lining, you are offered a wide range of helmet compatibility, all offering a secure and snug fit.

Oakley Flight Deck

Oakley Flight Deck in Blackout with PRIZM Jade Lens

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Oakley Mod5 Snow Helmet

The Oakley Mod5 snow helmet is made for those pushing the limits on what is humanly possible on the mountain. A key feature of the Oakley Mod5 snow helmet is the MIPS integration. MIPS is an industry leading patented brain protection system. The system helps protect your head against impact that can come from any direction on the mountain.

Oakley Mod5 Matte Black Snow Helmet SportRx

Oakley Mod5 Snow Helmet in Matte Black



  • MBS Modular Brim System
  • Hybrid Shell Construction
  • MIPS-Multi Directional Impact Protection System
  • Boa Fit System
  • Adjustable Ventilation
  • Removable Comfort Liner
  • Removable Ear Pads

Oakley Flight Deck and Mod5 Integration

As shown in the video, Rob and TJ were lucky enough to test out each of the Oakley products and integrate the two together. The first key feature noticed combining the goggle and helmet is the function of the Boa fit system. With or without the helmet strap, the Boa snugs the helmet down to your head, keeping your head safe and secure when pushing the limits on the mountain. This tight and secure fit accommodates well with both the "Dad" or "Rad" option. Rob distinguishes the two in our blog Snowboarding Helmet & Goggle Integration: From Dad to Rad, but basically, the "Dad" has goggle straps on the outside of the helmet, and the "Rad" look has the straps on the inside of the helmet. As well as securing the fit and comforting your head, the Oakley Mod5 helmet closes the "gaper gap" between your goggles and the helmet. With zero fog issues, a snug fit, and a safely constructed shell, the integration of the Oakley Flight Deck goggle and the Oakley Mod5 helmet allows you to focus on having fun and staying safe during long days on the mountain.

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