There are many details in gearing up for snowboarding so we take a look at two ways to set up your helmet and goggles. SnowboardProCamp’s Kevin Piece shows Sunglass Rob how to jump from Dad to Rad with an easy helmet/goggle setup.

Goggles Under or Over the Helmet?

Either of these setups will work but Kevin offers some benefits to wearing goggles under the helmet compared to over the helmet. One advantage is keeping a tight suction around the face and avoid a possible gap. This is important to keep debris, cold air, and moisture out of the eyes while also reducing lens fog. Another benefit to goggles under the helmet is you can easily slide the goggles to your forehead when needed. This is a one hand move keeping things simple. Also, by not sliding the goggles onto your helmet, the goggle's inner seal will not pick up any dirt and stay clear from debris.

While Rob's way of over the helmet is not wrong, it's nice to have an alternative that makes your setup simple and keeps you looking rad.

Here are the easy 5 steps that will take you from Dad to Rad.

  1. Put on your beanie nice and snug
  2. Fit goggles over beanie (beanie acts as part of the seal)
  3. (If you have a hood like Kevin, now is the time to put it on)
  4. Put on your helmet
  5. Do a check for any gaps

Now just check for comfort and you are ready to go.

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