So you're watching all your friends get amped up during the NFL season, and you're just as excited, but you're not exactly on their level. That's probably because you haven't gotten into the loop and joined a fantasy football league. Fantasy football adds double the excitement to the regular season. Let's get you in the know with this fantasy football cheat sheet so you can start cheering as intensely as your friends.

fantasy football cheat sheet


Where to Join a League - Free, simple, and allows customization. - Free, there's an app available, and great message board features (for all you trash-talking fools).

Sleeper App - Free, a great source for FF advice, and great message board features. - Free, customizable, and simple navigating user interface.


Scouting Players

Quarterbacks - Wait on your QB pick. Most players tend to hold a few picks before pulling their QB; wait to pick your RB's first and go from there.

Running Backs - Choose RBs first. The top-15 backs are usually gone before the third round. Key advise, you can never have enough RB's on your team - you want one, grab one.

Wide Receivers - Grab one WR in the first three rounds, but you'll be good to hold off for a bit after that.

Tight Ends - Hold off till the end for a TE. You'll want about three TEs by the end of your pull.

Defense/Special Teams - Grab 2-3 D/STs but you can hold off till the end to make these pulls.

Kickers - Last priority, pull kickers at the very end.


Term Talk

ADP (Average Draft Position) - This is the spot in the draft where a player is being drafted. An ADP of 12.0 means that player will be drafted on average 12th overall.

Auction - A draft style where owners use a bidding system to pull players.

Boom or Bust - A player who performs poorly and doesn't exceed expectations.

Bye Week - All NFL teams take a week off (generally around week 17).

Cheat Sheet - The lists of pre-ranked players by overall position.

Damaged Goods - When a player involved in a trade is hurt.

Draft - How fantasy team owners pull players for their team.

Fantasy Formula - A player's potential equated by skill and equal success.

Free Agent - A player who is not owned by a team in your league.

Handcuffing - Drafting a backup and starter from the same NFL team.

IR (Injured Reverse) - A player who is injured and is eligible to stay on a roster without taking up your official roster spot.

PPR (Points Per Reception) - The scoring system where players receive additional points for each reception they make.

Sleeper - A little-known player who is ready to be great.

Stacking - Starting multiple offensive players from the same team.

Stud - Top-rated starter.

Vulture Back - A running back who steals goal-line carries from the starter.

Waiver Wire - Players that are dropped before they become free agents.

WR1, WR2, WR3 - In a 10-team league, a WR1 is a top wide receiver, a WR2 is ranked from 11-20, and a WR3 is ranked 21-30.


Now that you have some insight with this fantasy football cheat sheet, are you ready to get loud and proud with your fellow football fans?

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