Looking to take your tennis game to the next level? Maybe you're just tired of battling the sun during your friendly weekend game with friends. Either way, improved vision on the court could be the ace up your sleeve when it comes to returning blistering backhands. It’s no secret that improved vision can up any athlete’s game so if you’re debating whether tennis sunglasses are worth it, read on.

What To Consider

There are a lot of great sunglasses out there for athletes male and female. Many of these frames and lenses work for multiple sports which is great. But there are a few specifics to consider when shopping women’s tennis sunglasses.

Table of Contents

1. Frames
2. Size
3. Style
4. Lenses
4. Best Women's Tennis Sunglasses of 2019



When looking at tennis frames it’s good to consider the fit, coverage, and especially the grippiness. In a sport where you are in a constant state of explosive lateral movements, having something that will stay on your face while offering a decent wrap is paramount.


It’s also good to consider the size of the frames in comparison to your face because a bulky frame not only looks odd, but can be distracting when you are mid-set needing optimal focus.


Last but not least, is style. Face it, whether you are practicing serves solo, playing singles, or out with friends playing a doubles match, you want to look your best. After all, this is what the pros do in any sport. Match you frames with your tennis gear in mind. Visors and head-bands always look better when paired with the right frame.


Match your lenses to your playing conditions. Polarized? Color enhancing? In low light playing conditions such as shaded courts or evening games, color enhancing lenses like the Oakley Prizm would be an apt choice. For those of you who play in bright sunshine, a polarized lens could help you battle glare off the court, allowing you to compete against your opponent. Another option could be a transitional lens in a grey or copper tint. These adapt to low light conditions and darken when in contact with UV rays. For more info on frames, fit and lenses, check out our tennis glasses buyer’s guide!

The Best Women's Tennis Sunglasses of 2019

Below is a short list of some of our favorite women's tennis frames. Want to see more? Check out our more extensive list of the Best Tennis Sunglasses of 2019.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

Oakley Flak XL

Oakley Flak XL in Grey Team USA with PRIZM Sapphire Iridium Lenses

Shop Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

The Flak 2.0 in either the XL or non-XL are excellent tennis sunglasses. The XL simply refers to the slightly taller lens option which gives you a little extra coverage from the sun. If you have a smaller face, the non XL fit with the exact same frame chassis might be a better fit for you. The frames are fitted with Oakley's patented non-slip unobtainium earsocks and nosepad ensuring that they stay in place all match, every match.

Nike Show X2

Nike Women's tennis sunglasses

Nike Show X2 in Matte Black and White with Grey Silver Flash Lenses

Shop Nike Show

Another comfortable and function forward design, the X2 really stands out as a great addition to any athlete's gear. The lightweight frame is matched with a grippy rubber nose piece and temples that will keep these in place for the most aggressive forehand. The lenses offer great low-light optics while also giving an unobstructed view of the court.

100% Speedcoupe

100% Women's tennis sunglasses

100% Speedcoupe in soft tact cool grey with green multilayer mirror lenses

Shop 100% Speedcoupe

We feel like we're playing match maker here introducing you to the 100% Speedcoupe. 100% has been expanding their amazing sunglasses into new genres which should be exciting for you! Well known in the worlds of cycling and MX, the sunglasses maker recently began branching into active lifestyle and other sports. The semi-rimless, wrapping, dual lens design means unobstructed vision and coverage. Integrated air scoops prevent fogging while the lightweight grippy frames will be moving as opposed to bouncing with you as you dance across the court. Never miss a shot again with the Speedcoupe.

Tifosi Vero

Tifosi Women's Tennis Sunglasses

Tifosi Vero in Skycloud with clarion blue lenses

Shop Tifosi Vero

Sleek and lightweight, we give you the Vero frame by Tifosi. The Vero allows you to own a pair of sunglasses that perform well and look stylish on the court. Style after all, is as important in sport, as it is off the court. Boasting the grippy ears and nose piece found on most frames, these ultra lightweight frames also come with high definition lenses that are highly resistant to UV or chemical damage. Durability, quality, and style at a great price point. It's no wonder these frames are so popular.

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