Whether you’re racing around the bases or out in centerfield, you need protection from the sun. Nike softball sunglasses give you both superior protection and the competitive advantage of Nike Vision’s lens technology. If you’ve been struggling with glare, dirt getting into your eyes, or trouble seeing contrasting colors, it might be time for softball sunglasses.

Table of Contents

1. Video Overview
2. What to look for in Nike Softball Sunglasses
a. Lens Tech
b. Frame Tech
3. Best Nike Softball Sunglasses
a. Nike Tailwind
b. Nike Show X3
c. Nike Trainer
d. Nike Show X2
e. Nike Brazen Shadow
4. Best Nike Softball Sunglasses (Previous Years)
5. Get Prescription Nike Softball Sunglasses Online at SportRx

Video Overview

Join Steph as she introduces the best Nike softball sunglasses! Read on to learn more about the frames.

What To Look For In Nike Softball Sunglasses

Imagine you’re in right field with a one-run game on the line and a runner on second base. CRACK! The grounder skirts by the diving second baseman and into right field! You rush forward to field the ball and come up throwing, but just as you’re about to fire the ball home, glaring sunlight makes you cringe and jerk your head to the side. The slight distraction loosens your grip and the ball heads to the fence.

If that scenario sounds familiar to you, then you’ve already experienced one issue non-sunglass wearers will encounter on the softball field. Aside from glare, you’ll want shades that can protect you from any irritants out in the dusty field. Another feature that could take your playing to the next level is the lens you choose. Contrasting wrap lenses that illuminate the ball and reveal divots or imperfections on the playing surface are a must!

Lens Tech

Nike offers a handful of lens tints specific to different sports, settings, and light conditions. For softball, we suggest the Field, Course, and Terrain options.

Field lens: This is Nike’s softball and baseball-specific lens. Harsh light will be muted, while moving objects and contrast are crisp and clear. Perfect for tracking fly balls and hitting the nastiest curveballs.

Course lens: The Course would be a good choice as well. Specific to golf, these lenses highlight contours and block sunlight. If you play infield, or often play in an extremely bright stadium, this will be a solid choice.

Terrain lens: The Terrain lenses work well in conditions that may include darker settings or tricky shadows. Enhanced contrast is the main benefit of these Nike lenses.

As a bonus, all of Nike’s performance-specific frames — including all the ones listed here — include their proprietary MAX Optics lens technology. This ensures that athletes get the utmost clearest vision at any angle and equips softball players with the best visual experience that the world’s leading athletic brand has to offer. Neat!

Frame Tech

As mentioned above, you’ll want frames that wrap while offering unobstructed, wide visibility. You’ll also be looking for something lightweight, comfortable, and durable enough to power through those extra innings. Keep in mind that anything that pinches, slips, or sits awkwardly will make for a performance inhibitor, as opposed to a performance enhancer. If you can pair that with ventilation, you’ve got the total package.

Best Nike Softball Sunglasses

If you want more info on why sunglasses might be a good idea for softball, check out our blog on if you can wear sunglasses during softball. Don’t settle for cheap sunglasses or no sunglasses at all – check out SportRx’s top picks for the best Nike softball sunglasses!


Leading off this list is the Nike Tailwind, an all-around sports favorite that will fit right into any softball uniform. Featuring a lightweight nylon frame, the Tailwind’s 8-base wrap around design provides an excellent unobstructed view of the field. For added comfort, its floating nose bridge and flying lens technology prevents fogging to let you focus on the ball at all times. The Tailwind suits a variety of face shapes, and is available in prescription.

For softball players that need a smaller fit, check out the Nike Tailwind S!

First frame in lineup of the Best Nike Running Sunglasses featuring the Nike Tailwind. A semi-rimless matte grey frame with dark grey Nike MAX Optics lenses.

Nike Tailwind in Matte Oil Grey with Dark Grey Lenses

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Tailwind Key Features:

  • 8-base wrap around frame for ultimate visibility
  • Ventilated frame design provides airflow and prevents fogging
  • Semi-rimless design with interchangeable lenses
  • Prescription-ready, with Rx adaptor available for strong prescriptions
  • SportRx Frame Width: 132 (Men's Medium, and Women's Medium-Large) (What is SFW?)

Show X3

Our next favorite softball frame is none other than past REXY nominee, the Nike Show X3. This semi-rimless frame offers full wrap around coverage for protection at every angle. The Show X3’s lightweight and ergonomic design offers maximum comfort for all-game wearability, while frame ventilation keeps you cool until the final inning. The floating nose bridge is also a game changer for absorbing impact. Be sure to go for the Field tint lens to get an extra edge against the competition. They’re also available in prescription!

Nike Show X3 sunglasses with field tint lenses

Nike Show X3 in Matte Black / White with Field Tint Lenses

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Show X3 Key Features:

  • 8-base sport wrap for maximum peripheral coverage and protection
  • Floating nose bridge absorbs impact
  • Semi-rimless, ventilated frame provides sweat management
  • Nike MAX Optics performance lenses provide optimal clarity in every direction
  • Rx-able and progressive friendly
  • SFW: 135 (Men's Medium-Large, and Women’s Large)


Another softball sunglass that knocks it out of the park is the Nike Trainer. Perfect for larger faces of all shapes, the Trainer’s semi-rimless sport wrap design can stick with you from practice to the championship game. Its lightweight frame and contoured lens design gives you the protection you need, from the blazing sun to flying dirt. Nike MAX Optics technology gives you the best view from every angle, so you can keep your eyes on the ball and the competition. Whether you’re playing in the afternoon sun or in the evening field lights, interchangeable lenses assure you the best vision at any time of day. The Nike Trainer is also available in prescription.

Check out the Nike Trainer Small for this frame in youth size!

Nike Trainer sunglasses in matte clear/white with green lenses

Nike Trainer in Matte Clear/White with Green Lenses

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Trainer Key Features:

  • 8-base, semi-rimless frame design is lightweight and ventilated for all-day comfort
  • Nike MAX Optics for the best clarity in every direction
  • Interchangeable lenses for different field lighting conditions
  • Rx-able and progressive friendly
  • SFW: 136 (Men’s and Women’s Large)

Show X2

Next up to bat is the Nike Show X2, another favorite that’s endured from previous years, and a winner in the uninhibited vision department. With this wide, semi-rimless frame paired with comfortable, adjustable rubber nose pads and grippy temples, you’ll be diving, sliding, and swinging for the fences with no slippage issues. Nike MAX Optics lens technology gives these softball sunglasses the clarity you need to hit it out of the park. Get the Nike Show X2 in prescription for unbeatable clarity.

Having trouble deciding between the Show X2 and the Show X3? Check out our blog that compares both frames to find out which one is best for your softball needs.

Nike Show X2 softball sunglasses in white / black with white Nike logo and grey lenses

Nike Show X2 in White / Black with Grey Silver Flash Lenses

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Show X2 Key Features:

  • Semi-rimless, 8-base sport wrap for unobstructed peripheral vision
  • Adjustable nose pads and temples with rubber grip for secure fit
  • Nike MAX Optics lenses allow optimal clarity in every direction
  • Rx-able and progressive friendly
  • SFW: 138 (Men’s Large and Women’s Large-XL)

Brazen Shadow

Taking us all the way home is the Nike Brazen Shadow, another frame perfect for softball players in need of a larger frame. Players will appreciate its lightweight feel and flexible temples, and its ability to fit snugly under a cap, visor, or helmet. A slightly higher nose piece accommodates a range of nose bridge sizes, while allowing additional air flow. Grip material in the nose bridge and temples assures a comfortable fit. These softball sunglasses provide moderate peripheral coverage and are highly Rx-able.

Nike Brazen Shadow sunglasses in Matte Anthracite with Grey Silver Flash lenses

Nike Brazen Shadow in Matte Anthracite with Grey Silver Flash Lenses

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Brazen Shadow Key Features:

  • 6-base wrap offers medium coverage and accommodates strong prescriptions
  • Lightweight nylon frame with flexible temples is helmet and hat-compatible
  • Grip on nose bridge and inner temples for secure fit
  • Nike MAX Optics lenses provide optimal clarity in every direction
  • SFW: 138 (Men’s Large and Women’s Large-XL)

Get Prescription Nike Softball Sunglasses Online at SportRx

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