Life is better with clear vision, and a pair of lifestyle sunglasses is an accessory must. Whether you’re at the beach, brunch, or driving to the grocery store, you need a pair that will take on the day with you. With SMITH, you’ll get frames that do just that, all while perfectly blending style, function, and innovation. Join us for our 2022 picks for the best SMITH lifestyle sunglasses!

Table of Contents

A. What to Look for in Lifestyle Sunglasses
B. Best SMITH Lifestyle Sunglasses of 2022
1. SMITH Rockaway
2. SMITH Contour
3. SMITH Lowdown 2
4. SMITH Emerge
5. SMITH Headliner
C. SMITH Prescription Sunglasses at SportRx

What to Look for in Lifestyle Sunglasses

Let’s start with frames. For your every day, you’ll want a lightweight fit that is comfortable and easy to wear. Sunglasses that won’t bog you down will allow you to tackle wherever your day takes you, and SMITH’s bio-based Evolve™ material is a great place to start. When it comes to coverage, keep an eye out for frames with a 4 to 6-base curve. Perfect for a lifestyle pair of sunglasses, these two options are less aggressive than the 8-base wrap of a sports frame.

Now, onto lenses. SMITH’s proprietary lens technology, ChromaPop™, enhances color, provides sharper contrast, and reduces eye fatigue. Another great option is polarization, as this frame function stops glare that occurs in everyday life, like when you’re driving or out on the water.

For more information, check out our Lifestyle Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide.

Best SMITH Lifestyle Sunglasses of 2022

Let’s jump into our list!

SMITH Rockaway

Take on the day in style, in a pair of SMITH Rockaway sunglasses. The eco-friendly Evolve™ frame is lightweight, durable, and easy to wear all day. The Megol nose pad and temple provide a no-slip grip, while the spring hinges self-adjust for a customized fit. Large lenses offer exceptional coverage, and an additional PivLock™ leash retainer offers extra security, for those especially on-the-go days.


SMITH Rockaway Opal Fade - ChromaPop™ Polarized Opal Mirror

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Rockaway Key Features:

  • Megol grips keep the frame secure
  • Crafted from lightweight bio-based material
  • Spring hinges self-adjust for optimal fit
  • Rx-able and available with ChromaPop™ lenses
  • SFW (What is SFW?): 132 (Men’s and Women’s M)

SMITH Contour

Any adventure, task, or day is better with a pair of SMITH Contour sunglasses. Constructed from lightweight Evolve™ material, the frames feature a unique design with chiseled corners, and a 4-base curve. The rubber nose pad offers optical alignment and a comfortable fit. Available with ChromaPop™ Polarized lenses, you’ll get enhanced color and contrast for the best optical experience, from hiking in the forest to fishing on the river.


SMITH Contour Matte Gravy — ChromaPop™ Polarized Bronze Mirror

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Contour Key Features:

  • Stylish design features slim temple arms and chiseled corners
  • Eco-friendly frame material is lightweight and durable
  • Nose pad grip ensures optical alignment
  • Rx-able and available with ChromaPop™ Polarized lenses
  • SFW: 135 (Men’s M/Women’s L)

SMITH Lowdown 2

Whether you’re hitting the water or running errands, the SMITH Lowdown 2 is along for the ride. With this classic frame design, you’ll be in style no matter where you go. A hydrophobic lens coating keeps the lenses clear of water, while the anti-reflective coating improves clarity and protects against glare. Featuring a lightweight frame material and slip-free nose pad, you’ll be able to tackle your day with ease and confidence.


SMITH Lowdown 2 Matte Black — ChromaPop™ Polarized Grey Green

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Lowdown 2 Key Features:

  • Hydrophobic lens coating repels water droplets
  • Rubber nose pad offers comfortable, secure fit
  • Lightweight frame is perfect for everyday wear
  • Available in XL and Slim
  • Rx-able and available with ChromaPop™ lenses
  • SFW: 136 (Men’s and Women’s L)

SMITH Emerge

Look good and feel good in the SMITH Emerge sunglasses. The eco-friendly frame is lightweight and durable, perfect for all day wearability. The Megol nose pad and temples keep the frame comfortably in place and optically aligned, while bent temples offer extra security and stability. The large, rectangular lenses provide top-notch coverage, keeping your eyes protected while you’re boating on a bright day or biking around your neighborhood.

Smith Emerge

SMITH Emerge in Tortoise with Polarized Brown lens

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Emerge Key Features:

  • Rectangular frame with soft edges flatters a variety of faces
  • Megol grips secure the frames in place
  • Bio-based frame is environmentally-friendly
  • Rx-able and available with ChromaPop™ Polarized lenses
  • SFW: 138 (Men’s and Women’s L)

SMITH Headliner

A sunny day at the beach or pool is no match for the SMITH Headliner. With the large lenses and 6-base curve, you receive unmatched coverage from excessive light, while the bent temples ensure a stable fit. The Megol nose pad provides a comfortable, slip-free grip, and the Evolve™ frame material stands up throughout the day. Your day-to-day will only get better with available ChromaPop™ Polarized lenses, that truly make the colors around you pop.


SMITH Headliner Black - ChromaPop™ Polarized Blue Mirror

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Headliner Key Features:

  • Planet-friendly Evolve™ frame material is light and long-lasting
  • Nose pad grip offers a strong, secure fit
  • Frame design compliments multiple face shapes
  • Rx-able and available with ChromaPop™ Polarized lenses
  • SFW: 140 (Men’s L/Women’s XL)

SMITH Prescription Sunglasses at SportRx

Need SMITH prescription lifestyle sunglasses? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tool tips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, contact us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians, who can help you build your prescription sunglasses.

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