When it comes to choosing lifestyle sunglasses, you get to have fun with it! Whether they're your go-to, everyday shades or a statement piece you love, the guidelines are looser than they are for eyeglasses, or sport sunglasses. Continue on to discover what to consider when you're selecting your latest lifestyle sunglasses.

Lifestyle Sunglasses Buyer's Guide

1. Frame Technology
2. Lens Technology
3. Top Lifestyle Sunglasses
4. Prescription Lifestyle Sunglasses at SportRx

Frame Technology

It's time to customize your lifestyle sunglasses! Let's take a look at some of the frame features that are available.


One thing we always recommend is a lightweight fit. While it's not always necessary, it certainly makes your sunglasses more comfortable to wear; especially if you plan to wear them for extended periods of time.


A lifestyle frame is most commonly a 6-base frame. For context, eyeglasses are usually 4-base, and aggressive sport sunglasses will have an 8-base curve, so 6-base is a happy middle that is neither completely flat nor wrapped. A 6-base frame offers medium coverage, which is all you need in a lifestyle look.


Whether or not you want rubber grip in the temples, nose pads, or both in your lifestyle shades depends on—you guessed it—your lifestyle! If the purpose of your sunglasses is to protect you while you relax by the pool or at the beach, grip simply isn't necessary. But, if you're meeting friends for a hike or a quick fishing session afterwards, you may want to consider sunglasses with rubber grip to keep them securely in place no matter what comes your way.

Lens Technology

Now we'll get into a few different lens features to pay attention to when choosing a pair of lifestyle sunglasses.


Our expert opticians typically recommend a polarized lens for casual eyewear. Why? Because it helps to cut irritating glare that bounces off surfaces like asphalt, grass, snow, and water that you encounter in your everyday life.


One feature you can really play around with are tinted lenses. Most brands have their very own contrast-enhancing lens technology that makes colors pop, allowing you to see just how vibrant the world around you is.

Some of our most popular lens technologies are Oakley's PRIZM, Costa's 580, SMITH's ChromaPop, and Maui Jim's PolarizedPlus2.

Top Lifestyle Sunglasses

Now that you know what makes an awesome pair of lifestyle sunglasses, let's take a look at some of our top picks.

Costa Aransas

The premium acetate construction of the Costa Aransas enables the vibrant colors to remain bold throughout their lifetime. This classic shape complements just about every face, and Costa's 580 lens technology transforms the way you see the world.

Costa Aransas

Costa Aransas in Shiny Ocean Tortoise with grey 580G Lenses

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight & durable acetate frame material
  • Costa's 580 lens technology
  • Polarized & prescription-ready

Ray-Ban Aviator 3025

A timeless design meets a lightweight fit in the Ray-Ban Aviator 3025. This iconic frame still turns heads and is available in 55 & 58 eyesizes.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses RB3025 in Gold Metal Frame with G-15 Green Lenses

RB3025 Aviator 55 Eyesize in Gold with G-15 Lenses

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight metal frame construction
  • Adjustable rubber nose pads for custom fit
  • Various lens options & prescription-ready

Maui Jim Red Sands

Maui Jim Red Sands is feather-light and boasts a square shape with a saddle-style bridge. They're designed for premium comfort, impeccable style, and enhanced vision with Maui Jim's patented polarized lens technology and lens tints.

Maui Jim Red Sands Sunglasses

Maui Jim Red Sands in Black & Grey Tortoise and HCL Bronze Lens

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight nylon-injected frame construction
  • Adjustable rubber nose pads & rubber temples for a comfortable, custom fit
  • Maui Jim's PolarizedPlus2 lens technology & built-in lens treatments
  • Prescription-ready

Prescription Lifestyle Sunglasses at SportRx

Need prescription lifestyle sunglasses? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, Contact Us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your prescription lifestyle sunglasses.

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