Bring your favorite performance brand to your everyday look with Oakley eyeglasses designed for the modern man. A mix of classic shapes and performance features, our lineup of the best men's Oakley eyeglasses elevates your style to the next level while keeping up with your busy days. Handpicked by our expert opticians, you can wear these frames with confidence that you're getting the best of the best from Oakley. Join us as we reveal our top 7 picks for the best men's Oakley eyeglasses!

Table of Contents

A. Video Review
B. What to Look for in Oakley Eyeglasses
C. Best Men's Oakley Eyeglasses
1. Wheel House
2. Volt Drop
3. Metalink
4. Airdrop
5. Seller
6. Tie Bar
7. Money Clip
D. Oakley Prescription Eyeglasses Online at SportRx

Video Review

Join Eyeglass Tyler as he breaks down SportRx's picks for the top men's Oakley eyeglasses. For more information on each frame, continue reading!

What to Look for in Oakley Eyeglasses

Before we jump into our lineup of the best men's Oakley eyeglasses, let's quickly review Oakley's proprietary frame and lens technology.

Frame Technology

Built from durable and lightweight materials, Oakley prides themselves on their unique proprietary frame materials. Look for materials like O Matter™, NanO Matter™, and C-5 metal alloy. All of these provide comfortable, lightweight wear while being built to last. And since it's Oakley, you'll find Unobtainium™ rubber grip on many of the frames, which gets tackier with moisture for extra grip.

Lens Technology

Oakley eyeglasses are available with authentic Oakley prescription lenses online at SportRx. During customization, simply select "Oakley Authentic Lenses," and you'll be lead, step-by-step through a series of lens options. Available in Single Vision and Progressive, Oakley Authentic Lenses come in clear, transition, and Oakley's proprietary blue light defense, PRIZM™ Gaming.

You may also select any of the frames in our lineup with SportRx prescription lenses. Questions on building your men's Oakley eyeglasses? Reach out to one of our friendly opticians and we'll be happy to help!

Best Men's Oakley Eyeglasses

Now that we're familiar with Oakley proprietary technology, let's check out the top 7 frames!

Wheel House

Wearing glasses has never looked better than in the Oakley Wheel House. This stylish frame features an elegant design constructed of lightweight O Matter™. Stainless steel temples create a secure fit thanks to the Hollowpoint™ hinges, which feature a spring cam mechanism. The generous square lenses work well with a range of prescriptions and even come as sunglasses for days under the sun.

First frame in lineup of the best men's Oakley eyeglasses, the Oakley Wheel House. Satin black nylon frame with square clear lenses.

Oakley Wheel House in Satin Black

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Oakley Wheel House Key Features

  • Made from lightweight O Matter™ and stainless steel temples
  • Hollowpoint™ hinges create comfortable grip & maintain a minimalist design
  • Also available as Wheel House sunglasses
  • SportRx Frame Width: 52 Eyesize - 136mm; 54 Eyesize - 141mm (What is SFW?)

Volt Drop

A bold frame doesn't mean extra weight in the Oakley Volt Drop. Made from lightweight O Matter™, you'll get all-day comfort and frame longevity in this durable material. No-slip Unobtainium™ rubber is strategically placed on the ear socks for extra grip and ensures your glasses are optically-aligned at all times.

Oakley Volt Drop eyeglasses in satin blue nylon frame with clear square lenses.

Oakley Volt Drop in Satin Universal Blue

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Oakley Volt Drop Key Features

  • O Matter™ frame is lightweight & durable
  • Unobtainium™ rubber ear socks keep the frame securely in place
  • Classic square lens shape works for any occasion
  • SFW: 52 Eyesize - 130mm; 54 Eyesize - 134mm


A classic look gets the Oakley performance treatment in the Metalink. This mixed-composition frame features stainless steel temples and Oakley's NanO Matter™ which is 67% thinner than acetate. In addition to lightweight wear, you'll get a custom fit thanks to the TruBridge™ technology. Your Metalink eyeglasses will come with a set of interchangeable Unobtainium™ nose pads, so you can pick the perfect fit for you.

Oakley Metalink in lineup of best men's Oakley eyeglasses. Matte olive and gunmetal nylon frame with clear rectangular lenses.

Oakley Metalink in Matte Olive/Gunmetal

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Oakley Metalink Key Features

  • Headset-compatible and in our lineup of the Best Oakley Gaming Glasses
  • NanO Matter™ frame is 67% thinner & 3X stronger than acetate
  • Stainless steel temples covered in Unobtainium™ rubber grip gets tackier with sweat
  • TruBridge™ technology comes with multiple nose pads so you can pick the best fit for you
  • SFW: 53 Eyesize - 135mm; 55 Eyesize - 139mm


If you're familiar with the ever-popular Oakley Servo, you'll see its inspiration in the Airdrop. This updated frame is now 25% lighter and twice as strong due to the O Matter™ construction. The Three-Point-Fit system creates a snug fit free of pressure points, while Unobtainium™ ear socks keep it securely in place. We also love the classic rectangular shape, since it flatters a wide variety of face shapes. Available in 4 sizes, you're guaranteed to get a perfect fit in the Oakley Airdrop.

Oakley Airdrop men's eyeglasses in black with O oakley logo on temples. Clear rectangular lenses are prescription-ready.

Oakley Airdrop in Black Ink

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Oakley Airdrop Key Features

  • Made from O Matter™ & features Unobtainium™ rubber grip
  • Three-Point-Fit alleviates uncomfortable pressure points
  • Most sizing options available, the Airdrop is available in 4 eyesizes
  • SFW: 51 Eyesize - 130mm; 53 Eyesize - 134mm; 55 Eyesize - 138mm; 57 Eyesize - 142mm


Bring your style to the next level without sacrificing performance in the Oakley Seller. This sophisticated frame is built of proprietary C-5 metal alloy, which is ultra-lightweight but still highly durable for a metal frame. Stainless steel temples feature soft ear socks for superior comfort and a snug grip. Pillow-like adjustable nose pads ensure a perfect fit and non-slip wear.

Oakley Seller men's eyeglasses in pewter metal frame with clear square lenses.

Oakley Seller in Powder Pewter

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Oakley Seller Key Features

  • C-5 metal alloy frame front is durable & lightweight
  • Stainless steel temples feature soft ear socks for maximum all-day comfort
  • Adjustable nose pads ensure a custom & perfect fit
  • SFW: 52 Eyesize - 137mm; 54 Eyesize - 140mm

Tie Bar

If you love the clean design of a minimalist frame, look no further than the Oakley Tie Bar. This gorgeous frame is simplicity at its finest. Constructed from titanium, you'll get a fit so lightweight you may even forget you're wearing glasses. Adjustable nose pads allow you to customize the fit and optimize comfort. Our favorite hidden feature on the Tie Bar? A discrete latch system is built into the temples. For times when you want to remove your glasses, you can use this hidden latch to securely hook your frame onto your shirt — with no fear of falling.

Oakley Tie Bar eyeglasses in satin black with clear rectangular lenses.

Oakley Tie Bar in Satin Black

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Oakley Tie Bar Key Features

  • Full titanium construction is ultra-lightweight
  • Adjustable nose pads ensure a custom & comfortable fit
  • Latch system allows you to securely latch your frames onto your shirt
  • Also available in a semi-rimless design as the Oakley Tie Bar 0.5
  • SFW: 53 Eyesize - 133mm; 55 Eyesize - 137mm

Money Clip

The last frame in our lineup of the best men's Oakley eyeglasses, but certainly not least, introducing the Money Clip. Similar to the Tie Bar, this is a full titanium design — even down to the nose pads. You'll get an on-trend round shape with a flattering keyhole bridge that makes this frame easy to dress up or down. And for when you want a break from wearing your Money Clip eyeglasses, the hidden latch system allows you to securely hook them onto your shirt.

Oakley Money Clip men's eyeglasses in dark matte navy metal frame with round clear lenses.

Oakley Money Clip in Matte Dark Navy

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Oakley Money Clip Key Features

  • Full titanium construction is ultra-lightweight
  • Adjustable nose pads ensure a custom & comfortable fit
  • Latch system allows you to securely latch your frames onto your shirt
  • SFW: 50 Eyesize - 135mm

Oakley Prescription Gaming Glasses Online at SportRx

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