Aloha Maui Jim fans! You've found your way to the guide for the best Maui Jim men's aviator sunglasses of 2021! These iconic shades have managed to remain timeless in pop culture and for good reason. Not only have they been immortalized by some of Hollywood's coolest stars but they have the ability to look good on just about anyone. If you're already a fan of Maui Jim then you're probably just looking for our list of men's aviators. If you're new to Maui and looking for all the reasons to ditch those gas station shades, read on!


Everything you need to know about Maui Jim Aviators

A. Are Maui Jim aviators worth it?
B. Do aviators look good on men?
C. Do I need polarized aviator sunglasses?
D. The Best Men's Maui Jim Aviator Sunglasses of 2021
-The Bird
-Cliff House
E. Maui Jim Prescription Aviators Online at SportRx


Are Maui Jim aviators worth it?

With so many options on the market, it's fair to ask yourself whether Maui Jim aviators are worth it. A couple things to keep in mind when browsing these high flying shades is the quality behind any Maui Jim sunglasses. All Maui Jim's feature top of the line frame materials to ensure that your new aviators are as durable and tough as the pilots who first flew them into infamy. You can expect a mix of Titanium, woven nylon, plastic, or MauiFlex used depending on what frame you choose. For those of you who are wondering, MauiFlex is a proprietary metal blend developed by Maui Jim that comfortably molds to your face shape for the perfect fit without sacrificing frame strength.

When it comes to lens tech Maui Jim really pulls out all the stops. Their patented PolarizedPlus2 lenses offer spectacular optics, scratch resistance, anti-glare tech, AND block harmful UV rays and blue light. The bottom line, polarized aviator sunglasses are the way to go. Additionally, you'll get to choose through Maui's array of awesome lens tints and exciting new mirrors to add a bit of custom flavor to your vision. The combo of tint and tech should make Maui aviators a strong contender on your list.

Do aviators look good on Men?

Hopefully by this point you're feeling pretty stoked about Maui Jim aviators. But maybe you still have reservations about if they'll look good on you. After all, it doesn't matter how cool Tom Cruise looks as Maverick in Top Gun. This is you we're talking about here.

So do aviator sunglasses look good on men? You probably already figured out the answer to this one considering the content of this blog. The answer of course is yes! With that out of the way, let's get into how to find the perfect pair for you.

Face Shape

The first thing to take into account is face shape. Fortunately, aviators happen to work well with square, oval, and heart shaped faces. Round face shapes are the only ones that don't work as well with the classic aviator look. However, if you have a round face and love that aviator look, Maui Jim offers a few less traditional aviators that fly as high as any of the classics. Be on the look out for square or wayfarer shapes if you have a round face. If you require a little more info on face shape you can always refer to our guide to the best sunglasses for my face shape.

Where to wear my aviators?

The second thing to keep in mind is that aviators are a great look for almost any venue or occasion. They dress up in a suit, relax on a beach, and offer good coverage on a hike. If you're actually a pilot wondering if these shades are a good copilot in the cockpit, the answer is in the name of the frames.

What size sunglasses do I need?

Knowing your size is also important in order to find a frame that sits perfectly on your face. You will conveniently find our SFW sizing below each frame. If you want to know a little more about SFW and what your size is we have a helpful video below!

Do I need polarized aviator sunglasses?

To answer this question let's cover the basics on what polarized lenses actually do. The purpose of a standard sunglass lens is to reduce light transmission and shade your eyes. Most accomplish this to some degree or another though not all lenses are created equal! Polarized lenses take this a step further and reduce glare which is harsh reflected light transmitted off objects such as; windshields, water, bumpers, or asphalt. No other lens accomplishes this.

Maui Jim's PolarizedPlus2 lenses take the quality of polarized tech a step above the rest. Fortunately, this is a standard luxury in all Maui Jim shades.

The Best Men's Maui Jim Aviator Sunglasses of 2021

And we've made it to the fun part! The top ten men's aviator sunglasses by Maui Jim. Maui Jim has a wide selection of frames in their aviator collection so if you feel like this list didn't have what you were looking for, feel free to check out our Maui Jim aviator page.

Maui Jim Mavericks

We had to kick off our list with a classic aviator. What could be better than one that shares its name with Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun? The sloping teardrop lens shape and fine titanium lines are all the stuff that we think of when we think of these cool frames.

Maui Jim Mavericks men's aviator sunglasses

Maui Jim Mavericks in Gold with HCL lens

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Maui Jim Mavericks Features:

  • This will be a large fit
  • Pure titanium frames fitted with MauiPure® lenses
  • The Mavericks are just one of a few classic aviators on this list


Maui Jim The Bird

There are a lot of standout frames on this list but Maui Jim's The Bird aviator is one to pause at and admire. It stands out for a number of reasons the first being that it's more of a rectangular aviator which means it'll accommodate any face shape. Like a muscle car, this frame exudes masculine lines, showy metal, and an all business look. The comfortable adjustable nose pads and rubber temples combine for a custom fit to go along with all that bold style.

Maui Jim The Bird men's aviator sunglasses

Maui Jim The Bird in Dark Gunmetal, Black and Grey Temples with Neutral Grey Lens

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Maui Jim The Bird Features:

  • SFW: (138mm) men's large
  • Monel metal frame fitted with SuperThin Glass for the crispest optics
  • The Bird is one of a few aviators on this list that features a rectangular design that works with ALL face shapes

Maui Jim Cliff House

The Maui Jim Cliff House takes us back to our aviator roots with it's classic sloping double nose bridge and rounded lenses. The rubber ear pieces are a wonderful touch of comfort which just adds to the appeal of this great looking frame! Also, it's good to note that the rectangular lens shape of the Cliff House makes it suitable for all face shapes. If you love the classics, this is a great pick.

Maui Jim Cliff House men's aviator sunglasses

Maui Jim Cliff House in Black Gloss with Hawaii Lava lens

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Maui Jim Cliff House Features:

  • SFW: (135mm) men's medium to large
  • Titanium frame design and MauiPure® lenses
  • Maui Jim's lenses have been a major selling point for the brand for years. Now, they've added fun colors like the featured Hawaii Lava to spice things up!

Maui Jim Castles

When it comes to bells and whistles Maui Jim's Castles boasts them in spades. The frame design stands somewhere between classics like the Mavericks and more modern options like The Bird. A combination of frame materials and a mix of muted colors add to the complex mood of this aviator. They are an object of rich, tasteful, lifestyle that belong with you at every occasion.

Maui Jim Castles men's aviator sunglasses

Maui Jim Castles in Matte Black with Neutral Grey lens

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Maui Jim Castles Features:

  • SFW: (141mm) men's large to extra large
  • A Monel-Metal, Nickel-Silver blend paired with acetate temples and Maui's SuperThin Glass
  • This frame has a distinct style which doesn't suit the bright mirror and gradient lenses. We're pleased to see Maui Jim agreed

Maui Jim Guardrails

The Guardrails are another standout on this list. The modified aviator shape of these bold frames resembles both The Bird and Castles. A few other interesting things to note about this frame are the comfortable rubber arm pieces and the use of a spring hinge. These combine for a very comfortable and relaxed fit. Overall, the unique aesthetic of this frame is a modern twist on the classic aviator.

Maui Jim Guardrails men's aviator sunglasses

Maui Jim Guardrails in copper with tan and HCL Bronze Lens

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Maui Jim Guardrails Features:

  • SFW: (132mm) men's medium
  • MauiFlex material with Maui Evolution® lenses
  • The Guardrails offer a less common aviator look that suits those that aren't afraid to wear shades with a distinct look

Can I Get Men's Maui Jim Aviators in Prescription?

Are you looking for prescription Maui Jim men's aviator sunglasses? Not a problem. All of the frames on this top ten come in Rx along with almost every Maui Jim men's aviator on our site! If you're looking for more information on prescription or if there's a question that wasn't covered here we have more helpful guides, videos, and knowledgeable opticians to answer anything else you may be wondering about!

If you want to chat with an expert, Contact Us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your prescription Maui Jim sunglasses.

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