Aloha! If you like mirrored lenses, and you like Maui Jim sunglasses then this review is for you. Check out everything you need to know about the Maui Jim Hawaii Lava Lens below.

Table of Contents

1. Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® Technology
2. Maui Jim Hawaii Lava Lens
3. Prescription Maui Jim Sunglasses at SportRx

Sunglass Rob explains Maui Jim lens technology as well as the new Hawaii Lava Lens. It's available now and in prescription!

Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® Technology

All Maui Jim sunglasses, prescription or not, come with patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology. They're more than just a polarized lens. Not only do they block out 99.9% of glare, but they also manipulate the light spectrum to enhance contrast and give you an extra pop of color in your life. And with the addition of the Hawaii Lava Lens, Maui Jim now has options of blue, green, pink, and red mirrors to add a fashionable flair to your sunglasses.

Maui Jim sunglasses also include a backside anti-reflective coating to cut out glare from behind, 100% UV protection, HEV blue light protection, scratch coatings, and hydrophobic and oleophobic lens coatings. Basically, they've got it all. They'll stay clean longer, be easier to clean and keep your eyes feeling comfortable even in the intense Hawaiian sun.

Maui Jim Hawaii Lava Lens

The deep red color of this lens as seen in the video is the mirror coating. The base tint is Maui Jim's HCL Bronze lens, a happy medium that works in any light from full sun to overcast. This lens gives you a nice amount of contrast. While not as high-contrast as the Maui Rose lens, nor as dark as the Neutral Grey lens, HCL Bronze works if you want that extra boost of color in a suitably dark lens.

Combine the HCL Bronze with a solid red mirror and voila! You can use the Hawaii Lava Lens for most activities—driving, hiking, golfing, fishing, you name it. See it in action on the Pokowai Arch below.

Maui Jim Hawaii Lava Lens

Maui Jim Pokowai Arch in Matte Black with Hawaii Lava Lenses

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Maui Jim Hawaii Lava Lens Key Features:

  • HCL Bronze base tint + solid red mirror
  • Versatile for most activities & lighting conditions
  • Available in prescription!

It's worth noting that if you're after a neutral tint like the Neutral Grey, this lens isn't for you. However, it's still dark and still protects you from sunlight. That bronze tint is quite noticeable for the first 30 seconds. Afterward, your eyes adjust to give you a color pop perfect for an active lifestyle.

As mentioned earlier, the Hawaii Lava Lens is available in prescription! It's a little harder to find in non-prescription lenses, but Rob thinks it will be more widely available in no time. And if you order in your prescription, you can pick any lens color, including the Hawaii Lava Lens. We can't wait to see how it looks on you, so be sure to tag us and share that selfie with us on Instagram or Facebook.

Prescription Maui Jim Sunglasses at SportRx

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