Head out to the open sea in comfort in your brand new polarized fishing sunglasses. You've picked a great frame, gotten the best lens color, and customized the prescription lens features to your liking, so now you're ready to catch the biggest fish the seas can offer. Read SportRx's guide to the best lens color for polarized deep-sea fishing sunglasses to be perfectly prepared.

Table of Contents

1. Watch the Video
2. What's the Best Lens Color for Polarized Deep Sea Fishing Sunglasses?
3. Deep Sea Fishing Lens Recommendations
3.1. Maui Jim Blue Hawaii
3.2. Costa 580 Blue Mirror
3.3. Wiley X Captivate Blue Mirror
3.4. SMITH ChromaPop Polar Black
3.5. SMITH ChromaPop Polar Blue Mirror
4. Prescription Deep Sea Fishing Sunglasses at SportRx

Watch the Video

Join Eyeglass Tyler as he goes over best lenses for polarized deep sea fishing sunglasses in the video below! Or keep on reading to learn more.

What's the Best Lens Color for Polarized Deep Sea Fishing Sunglasses?

Luckily, this one has a pretty simple answer. While we have no shortage of fishing lens color options, for deep sea fishing the most popular setup is a grey base tint with a blue mirror.

The ocean doesn't offer any protection from the sun, and you need to block as much light as possible. A mirror coating reflects excess light away from the lens to give you an effectively darker lens. Combined with a polarizing filter, you'll easily see through glare even on the brightest days.

Something to keep in mind with this setup is that adding a blue mirror to a grey lens can add a bit of yellow to the lens to make the grey look more of a bronze or amber color when looking through it. You'll still get the dark and protective nature of its grey base, but it may not look as grey as you might expect. The degree to which it adds a yellow hue is dependent upon the density of the mirror coating, but with the added yellow, you also gain some contrast.

Deep Sea Fishing Lens Recommendations

Now that you know what type of lens to get, check out some of our favorites below. These are all polarized and available in prescription too.

Maui Jim Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii is your classic fishing lens. Maui Jim's popular Neutral Grey base tint combined with a beautiful blue mirror makes this lens perfectly equipped to handle the open seas with enthusiasm. Check out our full review of the Blue Hawaii lens.

maui jim red sands sunglasses in matte black with blue lenses

Maui Jim Red Sands in Matte Black with Blue Hawaii Lenses

Costa 580 Blue Mirror

Costa's most popular lens option, the Blue Mirror has a grey base with a blue mirror and the added bonus of being able to order this tint with either glass or polycarbonate prescription lenses. Read our full Costa 580 Lens Color Guide to learn more.

Costa Diego Sunglasses

Costa Diego Sunglasses in Matte Black with 580G Blue Mirror lenses

Wiley X Captivate Blue Mirror

CAPTIVATE™ polarized lenses are another grey-based lens with a blue mirror coating. Blue Mirror works best in bright conditions to provide superior visual comfort and clarity on the sunniest days on the water. The polarized filter helps reduce glare and eye fatigue for superior sun protection, greater contrast, and an optimal visual experience. To learn more about this incredible lens feature, check out this overview.

Wiley X Captivate Blue Mirror

SMITH ChromaPop Polar Black

Are you catching the trend now? A grey-based lens is best for deep-sea fishing, that's for sure. SMITH ChromaPop Black lens filters out color allowing greater definition for natural color and clarity. Finished with a light black mirror, this lens is best for medium to bright sun exposure and will enhance the clarity and color of your day on the water.

SMITH Outlier 2 in Dark Tortoise with ChromaPop Polarized Black lens

SMITH ChromaPop Polar Blue Mirror

SMITH's Blue Mirror is specifically made for sunny open-ocean conditions. This tint is the darkest ChromaPop option SMITH carries. Geared for fishermen, the Blue Mirror helps cut glare, eliminate reflection and maximize clarity so you can catch any fish in the sea.

SMITH Guide's Choice in Matte Havana with ChromaPop Polarized Blue Mirror lens

Prescription Polarized Deep Sea Fishing Sunglasses at SportRx

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