Don’t compromise fashion for functionality. Hiking sunglasses should look stylish, protect your eyes, and enhance your views. Keep reading to learn more about the best hiking sunglasses that we offer at SportRx.

Hiking Sunglasses Features

When you are looking to purchase some new hiking sunglasses there are a few key features to look for. One is buying a pair of hiking sunglasses that have a rubberized temple and nose bridge. Most brands offer a hydrophilic material that will help with grip and comfortability. Let’s face it when you are on an adventurous hike the sun is out while you are walking for hours on in. This means you’ll be sweating and burning those calories. Luckily hydrophilic material gets stickier the more you sweat, making the sunglasses always stabilized on your face.

Another key feature to look for is a pair of sunglasses with polarized or color enhancing lenses. Hiking entails of being outside and your eyes need the protection from the UV rays. Many brands offer a color enhancing lens technology, but your main priority is to at least get a polarized lens. Polarized lenses will cut off the glare from the sunlight reflecting off rocks, water, or any shiny surface. For more information make sure to check out our guide on How to Buy Hiking Sunglasses

Smith Outlier 2

Smith Outlier 2

Smith Outlier 2 in Matte Tortoise with ChromaPop Polarized Brown Lenses

The Smith Outlier 2 sunglasses are the new and improved version of Smith’s best-selling Outlier. These rectangular sunglasses have several features, making them perfect for hiking. The Outlier 2 have rubber nose pads and temples to ensure these glasses stay on your face. They also have ChromaPop polarized lenses, which filters wavelengths of light to prevent color confusion. ChromaPop lenses allow you to see natural colors better. Don’t miss out of these amazing frames.

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Oakley Targetline

Oakley Targetline

Oakley Targetline in Carbon with PRIZM Road Lenses

The Oakley Targetline sunglasses are the perfect balance of style and function. These trendy frames feature high-quality lens technology. With PRIZM Trail lenses, these glasses perform great on hikes. PRIZM technology provides ultra-precise color tuning for any environment. Whether you are walking in the sun or relaxing in the shade, you are sure to have the best visual clarity with the Targetline sunglasses.

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Costa Rincon

Costa Rincon in Matte Moss

Costa Rincon in Matte Moss with 580 Green mirrored lenses

The Costa Rincon sunglasses provide wide coverage and a classic rectangle design. These frames are sure to give the most comfortable fit for hiking because they are extremely lightweight. They also have 580P lens technology, which is polarized and have an impact and scratch resistant coatings. Enjoy your views with the Costa Rincon sunglasses.

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Julbo Shield

Julbo Shield

Julbo Shield in Blue/Blue/Orange with Cameleon Lenses

The Julbo Shield sunglasses are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. They protect the eyes from irritants with their removable side shields. When you are done your hike, you even have the option to remove the shields for a more casual look. Also, their Zebra or Cameleon reactive lenses provides visibility in any lighting. This means you will have a clear vision in both the shadows and bright lights. Look stylish and protect your eyes with the Julbo Shield frames.

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Prescription Hiking Sunglasses at SportRx

If you are looking to purchase hiking sunglasses, then look no further. SportRx specializes in prescription sports eyewear. Contact Us to speak to one of our certified in-house opticians for any questions you may have about hiking glasses. See better while doing what you love.

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