When it comes to spending time on the water, fishing rod in hand, you need fishing eyewear designed for anglers that’s guaranteed to optimize your experience. Innovative frame designs and unmatched lens technology provide the necessary clarity and comfort, and Bajío sunglasses are ready to fulfill those optical needs. Join SportRx as we highlight our picks for the best Bajío fishing sunglasses!

Table of Contents

A. Video Overview
B. What to Look for in Fishing Sunglasses
C. Best Bajío Fishing Sunglasses
1. Bajío Nippers
2. Bajío Scuch
3. Bajío Bales Beach
4. Bajío Nato
5. Bajío Roca
D. Bajío Fishing Sunglasses FAQs
E. Shop Prescription Bajío Fishing Sunglasses

Video Overview

Join Sports Optician Tyler as he dishes out the best Bajío fishing sunglasses! Read on to learn more about the frames.

What to Look for in Fishing Sunglasses

Before you take to the boat or the shore, there are a few essentials you’ll need — casting line, fishing rod and reel, bait or lures, and a quality pair of sunglasses! Continue reading for a quick breakdown of what to keep an eye out for when it comes to fishing sunglasses.

Frame Technology

When you’re out on the water, glare and excessive sun exposure are distractions and potential risks. Plus, they can prevent you from spotting fish beneath the surface. To combat those obstacles, opt for an 8-base wrap around frame design that provides peripheral coverage and protection. Rubber grips located on the nose pads and temple tips will also provide optimum comfort and optical alignment, for all day comfortable wear.

Lens Technology

To reduce glare, polarization is a must when you’re fishing. UV rays and sunlight bouncing off the water’s surface reflect horizontally, and polarized lenses filter out those horizontal wavelengths. By cutting blinding light, you’ll bait your hook, cast your line, and track fish better. Additional lens coatings also work to repel moisture, oils, and scratches.

Bajío sunglasses feature LAPIS™ lens technology, which is designed to offer the best optical experience. The lenses block out 95% of blue light, amplify surrounding colors, and sharpen contrast. With their own proprietary lens tech, Bajío has established themselves as a leader in fishing eyewear.

For more information, check out our Fishing Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide.

Best Bajío Fishing Sunglasses

Bajío Nippers

Jumping right in, the Bajío Nippers! The 8-base wrap design provides maximum coverage and eye protection, as well as unimpeded peripheral visibility. LAPIS™ lenses enhance color and definition, making it easier to enjoy your surroundings and spot your next catch. Rubberized grips on the nose pads and temple tips ensure your frame remains comfortable, whether you’re fishing for a couple hours or a whole weekend. Additionally, a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating helps repel water and oils for crystal-clear lenses.

Bajío Nippers sunglasses in dark tortoise with rose mirror lenses.

Bajío Nippers in Dark Tortoise Gloss with Rose Mirror PC Lenses

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Nippers Key Features:

  • Wrap around design protects eyes from excessive sunlight
  • LAPIS™ lenses improve clarity and protect against harmful rays
  • Rubberized grips keep the sunglasses in place
  • Rx-able
  • SFW (What is SFW?): 129 (Men’s S/Women’s M)

Bajío Scuch

Take to the open waters in the Bajío Scuch, a fishing frame that amplifies your aquatic adventures. The oval-shaped sunglasses feature a wrap around design that contours your face and protects your eyes. Polarized LAPIS™ lenses block out glare, making it easy to spend a full day in the sun. A hard lens coating ensures durability and longevity, while bent temples keep the sunglasses secure and in place. The lightweight frame material and grips on the nose pads and temple tips ensure all-day wearability and comfort.

Bajio Scuch sunglasses

Bajío Scuch in Blue Vin Matte - Silver PC

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Scuch Key Features:

  • Lens curvature offers unmatched coverage
  • LAPIS™ lenses reduce glare bouncing off water
  • Bent temples help secure frames
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 132 (Men’s and Women’s M)

Bajío Bales Beach

Inspired by the Islamorada flat in Florida that’s swimming with tarpon and square groupers, the Bales Beach is the ideal frame for a day of fishing. The 8-base wrap and built-in side shields keep irritating light and glare at bay, while the bio-based frame material is lightweight and easy to wear. Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) grips strategically placed on the nose pads and temple tips ensure that your focus remains on what’s beneath the water’s surface, not on readjusting your frames. LAPIS™ lenses strengthen color and contrast for optimal visual clarity.

Bajío Bales Beach sunglasses in green with silver mirror lenses.

Bajío Bales Beach in Green Cervesa Matte with Silver Mirror Glass Lenses

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Bales Beach Key Features:

  • Wrapped design and side shields provide top-notch sun protection
  • TPR grips are comfortable and stable
  • LAPIS™ lenses and coatings keep vision clear, protected, and vibrant
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 134 (Men’s M/Women’s L)

Bajío Nato

Named after the flat in Xcalak, Mexico, the Bajío Nato was made for avid anglers. The wrap around design and thick temples ensure the utmost coverage, while an optional leash attachment prevents the sunglasses from ending up on the ocean floor. Bajío’s LAPIS™ lens technology offers a clear perspective, with blue-light blocking and amplified colors. Non-slip grips on the nose pads keep the sunglasses in place, even when you’re breaking a sweat.

Bajío Nato sunglasses in dark tortoise with green mirror lenses.

Bajío Nato in Dark Tortoise Gloss with Green PC Lenses

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Nato Key Features:

  • 8-base curve and thick temple arms boast exceptional peripheral coverage
  • Optional leash retainer provides extra frame security
  • Rubberized grips offer slip-free fit
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 138 (Men’s and Women’s L)

Bajío Roca

From the lake to the ocean, the Bajío Roca was made for the water. Lightweight and durable, these fishing sunglasses feature an eco-friendly, bio-based material. The wrap around frame and LAPIS™ lenses help protect from peripheral light leaks and harmful rays, all while providing an enhanced field of view. An anti-reflective coating reduces the amount of reflective light bouncing off the lenses, and an oleophobic coating minimizes smudging. For added confidence and security, attach the optional leash.

Bajío Roca sunglasses in tortoise with blue mirror lenses.

Bajío Roca in Tortoise Gloss with Blue Mirror Glass Lenses

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Roca Key Features:

  • Crafted from lightweight, eco-friendly frame material
  • LAPIS™ lenses reduce blur and glare
  • Lens coatings make for easy cleaning
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 139 (Men’s L/Women’s XL)

Bajío Fishing Sunglasses FAQs

What is LAPIS™?

LAPIS™ is Bajío’s own lens technology that was developed to protect your eyes and provide the best visual experience. The brand takes a new approach to managing light through their lenses by reducing blue light instead of yellow, which is what many other lens technologies focus on. By blocking out blue light from the sun, Bajío ensures that your vision and eye health remain a priority while you’re outside. Utilizing additional techniques, LAPIS™ lenses improve clarity, fine-tune definition, and minimize blur.

Can I Get Bajío Fishing Sunglasses in Prescription?

Of course! Bajío fishing sunglasses are available to customize for your Rx needs and give you the fishing outing you're hoping for.

Where Can I Buy Prescription Bajío Fishing Sunglasses?

Through SportRx! When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tool tips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair of Bajío fishing sunglasses. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, contact us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians, who can help you build your prescription fishing sunglasses.

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