Wrap Around Sunglasses for High Rx

We have mastered the art of prescription wrap around lenses. Our optical lab uses digital wrap compensation in order to minimize the distortion that comes with wrap lenses. So if you've been told by your optometrist that you can't get your prescription in wrap around sunglasses, we welcome you with open arms. Prescription wrap around lenses is our specialty, and it's what we've led the industry in since 1996.

Nevertheless, it's not right for everyone and in this case, a flatter frame is key. But for someone who is intolerant to prescription wrap lenses, yet who still needs wrap around coverage, the primary option is a prescription insert, similar to the one you'd find in the Rudy Project Exception.

Rudy Project Exception Rudy Project Exception with the lenses flipped up. Yup.

The Rudy Project Exception is one of my favorite wrap around sunglasses with inserts. You get a complete wrap around feature like a regular pair of sunglasses, with inserts that clip behind for the flip-up concept. They also have adjustable nose pads and adjustable temples for a custom fit. Plus, you can use the non-prescription Rudy Project lenses and swap them out of the frames for different colors and light conditions.

Rudy Project Exception Rudy Project Exception

For those who do not favor the inserts but need the protection of wrap arounds, we do this sort of thing for a living and can help figure out a solution for you. I've done some powerful prescriptions in wrap lenses. That’s where the digital technology comes into play; the optics are very spot-on and crisp.

Everything we do here I’d consider to be on a case-to-case basis. It’s really about the person on the other end and whether they can get used to a wrap. At the end of the day, there is a frame for everyone. And we’re a shop full of opticians who are here to help you find it.

Feel free to call or Live Chat us if you'd like to speak with an optician about prescription wrap around sunglasses.