Check out the updated Cycling Buyer's Guide to find the latest frame and lens technology to enhance your ride!

So, you're a cycling hot shot, a full-fledged, road racing dynamo itching to climb hills with the best in the biz. Or, maybe you're not, and you know what, that's okay. Not everyone is going to tackle le Tour de France, but hey, one can dream. Unless you're sitting pretty on a gym bike, and we're not hating - we do it to, you're going to want a pair of cycling sunglasses to aid you and your vision on the road.

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Cycling Sunglasses in Action


Why Fit is So Important

Spending money, time and energy into your bike and your bike's arrangement, only to have a pair of cycling sunglasses that fit sub-optimally, forcing you to look over the top of them is a nightmare. It is however, an avoidable issue, and it is why we speak strongly about buying frames that stay locked-in to their proper position, while you're sweating, straining, and giving your all through the tough terrain.

  • Nose Grips and Temple Grips - Slide to the left, slide to the right, criss cross! NO, this intolerable dance anthem isn't only making everyone leave the dance floor, but mimicking the actions of a poorly made cycling frame atop a troubled rider. Don't let this be you! Make sure you've got pads, or some type of grip that will hold to your nose and temples in sweaty situations. A great example is Oakley's Unobtanium socks that grip stronger as your perspiration levels ascend into the heavens.
  • Lightweight - Think you'll be fine in a pair of heavy shades? Think again. Think like a pro. Don't let any weight hold you back. Plus, a lighter frame will be less apparent in its existence on your face. The best cycling sunglasses will feel like they're not even there!
  • No Hook - Needing to continually remove and replace your cycling sunglasses with a helmet on is no fun with arms that hook. With arms that go straight back, you'll get a smooth on-and-off transition.
Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Prescription Sunglasses

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0

Lens Contrast and Shape

  • Contrast - The brighter the lens, the better, but too bright and you'll be feeling some gnarly ray penetration on your pupils, and you won't be diggin' it. Choose your lens wisely. The key is finding a balance, so think about how much you tend to encounter direct sunlight, as well as the terrain you usually ride. If you're mountain biking, and need to see every little detail for split second adjustments, a darker lens will impair your ability to do so. If, however, you only ride in daytime, and tend to stick to pure roads, you can probably go a bit darker. There's also the freedom to opt for a transition lens, which adapts to your conditions as the day rolls on and the sunlight fades. A rose or brown lens, like the one on the Rudy Project Stratofly will also work for a wide variety of light conditions.
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    Rudy Project Stratofly


  • Shape - The best cycling sunglasses will have a lot of wrap because more wrap means maximum coverage in the front, and in the peripherals. Just wait, that coverage is going come in handy, you'll see. No really, you'll see, like everything, and you'll feel much more protected. The more wrap, the better it is for cycling, and if you do require a prescription lens, even high prescription sunglasses, the Rudy Project Exception has got you covered.
Rudy Project Exception, Rudy Prject Prescription Sunglasses, best cycling sunglasses, best high prescription sunglasses

Rudy Project Exception - A high-wrap lens with high prescription capabilities

As athletes and riders ourselves, we understand the sunglass needs of the cycling enthusiast. We hope you've learned a thing or two, and we hope you'll check out our wide variety of cycling sunglasses. We also have more information on what to look for when buying cycling sunglasses. Find a pair you like, hit us up, and if you need 'em in prescription, there is no better place to get your prescription cycling glasses than SportRx!