Oakley Gascan vs Oakley Crankshaft

It's been several years since Oakley came out with the Gascan and now as time has passed, they've decided to introduce the Oakley Crankshaft to give fans another option in both styling and fit. Rob and Tim from SportRX took a look at both pairs of sunglasses in order to dissect the differences between the two.


When comparing both sunglasses, the key differences between the two models are the fit, comfort, and design. Both pairs have Oakley's Three Point Fit system, keeping your sunglasses in place during everyday use. The Crankshaft's temple is more angled which improves the pair's comfort over the older model. Also, both are durable and lightweight with Oakley's signature O-Matter frame material. What's important to note is that the Gascan and the Crankshaft are equally made for more laid back activities, and suggested for easy going, lower intensity daily activities. What's more is that the Oakley Crankshaft and Oakley Gascan both come with high definition optics technology (HDO) for better optical clarity and fidelity. Finally, you can also opt for a polarized version for minimized glare with Oakley's most renown patented technology. We suggest the Oakley Crankshaft and Gascan for medium to large faces.

Oakley Gascan

Oakley Gascan Oakley Gascan in Matte Black with Ruby Iridium lens

Oakley Gascan Features

  • Lens is 60 mm wide
  • 34.5 mm height
  • 127 mm leg length
  • O-Matter frame stress resistant
  • Three Point Fit

Oakley Crankshaft

Oakley Crankshaft Okley Crankshaft in Polished Black with Gray lens

Oakley Crankshaft Features

  • Lens is 61 mm wide
  • 38 mm height
  • 132 mm leg length
  • O-Matter frame stress resistant
  • Three Point Fit

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

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