Battle dry eyes and intense wind with windproof motorcycle glasses designed for comfortable and clear vision. Our Sports Opticians have done the research for you, so you can get back on the bike with 20/20 vision — even at your highest MPH. Join us as we share everything you need to know about the importance of wind protection and how to pick windproof motorcycle glasses for your next ride.

Windproof Motorcycle Glasses Buyer's Guide

A. Video Overview
B. Why Should I Get Windproof Motorcycle Glasses?
C. How Do Wind Blocking Motorcycle Glasses Help?
D. What to Look for in Windproof Motorcycle Glasses & Goggles
1. Foam Gaskets
1.1. Closed-Cell Foam
1.2. Open-Cell Foam
2. 8-Base Wrap
3. Proper Fit
4. Helmet Compatibility
5. Glasses vs. Goggles
E. Best Motorcycle Glasses for Wind Protection
F. Prescription Windproof Motorcycle Glasses Online at SportRx

Video Overview

Join Eyeglass Tyler as he fills you in on how to choose windproof motorcycle glasses! Read on to learn more.

Why Should I Get Windproof Motorcycle Glasses?

Speed demons, we see you. And what may seem like an initially obvious answer is actually deeper in importance than just blocking out the wind.

When riding at high velocities, it's imperative to keep your vision clear and comfortable. Excess wind can quickly cause dry eyes, irritation, frequent blinking, and blurred vision. If done often enough, you may find your eyes are becoming more sensitive than when you first got your bike. To protect the integrity of your vision and safeguard it against chronic dry eye syndrome, windproof motorcycle glasses are a must-have.

How Do Wind Blocking Motorcycle Glasses Help?

Overall, wind-blocking motorcycle glasses help you achieve more comfortable and clearer vision out on the road. They protect your eyes against wind on high-speed rides and provide the added benefit of blocking airborne dust, dirt, debris, as well as nature's elements.

What to Look for in Windproof Motorcycle Glasses & Goggles

When comparing motorcycle glasses, there are five key features to guarantee optimal wind protection.

Man riding motorcycle and wearing Wiley X windproof sunglasses.

Foam Gaskets

Foam gaskets are the best way to prevent excess wind from reaching your eyes. They create a complete seal between the eyewear and your face — for keeping all foreign elements out and moisture in (the good kind your eyes need and without fogging). Oftentimes, motorcycle eyewear manufacturers employ removable foam gaskets, for extra frame versatility. This is helpful for high-speed rides, as you can easily snap the foam eyecup into the eyewear. Then, once you've reached your destination and crave a more casual look, it's easily removable. They're also usually replaceable, so you can keep your favorite frames for longer.

However, not all foam eyecups are created equal. There are two main types that are typically used in wind-blocking motorcycle glasses: closed-cell foam and open-cell foam.

Closed-cell foam is made up of densely packed cells that are tightly together, so that air moisture is unable to penetrate the surface. Closed-cell foam gaskets are more rigid and durable than their open-cell counterparts.

Open-cell foam is less densely packed and uses more space within the individual cells to keep them open. This additional space makes the foam more malleable and comfortable to the touch. The downside of open-cell foam is that they are less resistant to sweat and moisture than closed-cell foam gaskets, so they may need more frequent replacement.

7eye motorcycle sunglasses with Airshield foam eyecup popped out.

7Eye AirShield® Eyecup Technology Uses Closed-Cell Foam

Shop 7eye Panhead

8-Base Wrap

An 8-base wrap complements motorcycle glasses with foam. Eyecups require a contoured fit for a complete seal, so wrap-around designs are the best frame shape to get proper grip. They also create a wider field of vision and unobstructed peripherals — so you get the best and most complete view of the road.

Proper Fit

A proper fit is imperative to receive the full benefits of your eyewear. Frames that are too big create space between the foam gasket and your face, which would allow the entry of wind and debris to your eyes. If they're too small, you'll experience headaches from squeezing temples and uncomfortable pressure from the eyecups. By wearing a properly fitted frame, you'll experience greater comfort and maximum wind protection.

Not sure what size you wear in motorcycle sunglasses? Visit our SportRx Sunglasses Size Guide to learn how to get your perfect fit.

Helmet Compatibility

A quick and easy way to determine if a frame features helmet compatibility is to check out the temples. Motorcycle glasses and goggles use sleek designs without a lot of width, which is perfect for helmets. Straight-back temples are also often compatible since they fit seamlessly under a helmet.

Glasses vs. Goggles

The selection of padded motorcycle glasses or goggles is based on your personal preference and riding style. In general, the higher the speed, the more protection you need. If you're more of a casual cruiser, motorcycle sunglasses with foam will do the job of blocking wind and keeping your vision comfortable. On the other hand, if you're getting ready to head out on a multi-day road trip, windproof motorcycle goggles will provide the maximum amount of protection and frame security.

Still undecided? Visit our blog that compares motorcycle glasses vs. goggles.

Best Motorcycle Glasses for Wind Protection

Below are the top frames that tick all the boxes for wind protection during your riding sessions. For even more recommendations, see the complete lineup of the best motorcycle glasses for wind.

7eye Churada

This 7eye best-seller is a motorcycle rider’s favorite for its superior performance on the bike. It was also nominated for the Best Motorcycle Sunglasses REXY Award! The Churada has an eight-base wrap around coverage, slim temples with 360-degree movement, an optional leash, and 7eye's windproof AirShield® Eyecup technology. This unique eyecup also features a closed-cell foam that creates an impenetrable barrier between outside elements and your eyes. It is ideal for motorcycle riding at any speed and protects from dry eyes. It is also removable and replaceable, so you can enjoy your 7eye Churada for years to come.

7eye Churada windproof motorcycle glasses in shiny black with gray lenses and foam gasket.

7eye Churada in Glossy Black with SharpView Polarized Gray Lenses

Shop 7eye Churada

7eye Churada Key Features:

  • REXY Nominee for the Best Motorcycle Sunglasses
  • Removable AirShield® Eyecup technology creates a complete seal around your eyes for total protection
  • Vented frame & foam eyecup encourages airflow, while keeping your vision fog-free
  • ANSI Z87.1-certified & Rx-able
  • SportRx Frame Width: 129 (What is SFW?)

7eye Cape

The 7eye Cape delivers the same windproof features we saw in our previous frame, like 8-base wrap, AirShield® Eyecup technology, and venting, but it also has a unique temple mechanism. With a simple and fast adjustment, you can change the temple length to a perfect custom fit. Forget the days of too long or too short temples that create uncomfortable wear. This custom feature allows you to get the ideal distance between your frame and face — which in the case of windproof motorcycle glasses, should be non-existent. By creating a perfect seal between the eyecup and your skin, you'll get comfortable vision without excess wind finding a way into your eyewear.

7Eye sunglasses in grey with brown copper lenses and foam gasket.

7Eye Cape in Charcoal with SharpView Copper Lenses

Shop 7eye Cape

7eye Cape Key Features:

  • Adjustable temple length mechanism allows you to customize the closeness of fit
  • ANSI Z87.1-certified
  • Slim, curved temple tips are helmet-compatible
  • Rx-able and available with Rx Adaptor for high prescriptions
  • SFW: 133

Shop Prescription Motorcycle Glasses for Wind Online at SportRx

Need prescription windproof glasses for dry eyes? Done. When you shop with SportRx, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and we recommend starting with our Motorcycle Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide and the Best Lenses for Motorcycle Riding. If you want to chat with an expert, give us a call! We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house Sport Opticians who can help you build the best motorcycle prescription sunglasses for wind.

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