Whether you're a first-time bike owner, or have been riding for decades, windy days can quickly put a damper on your plans — and your vision. At SportRx, we understand the discomfort and risk that high-velocity wind puts on your eyes. And one of our favorite motorcycle riding eyewear brands, 7eye, has made it their mission to provide the best optical solution against it. That's why our Sports Opticians have curated the best 7eye motorcycle sunglasses for wind. These top 5 picks will help you take on windy days and freeway rides with total confidence and clear vision.

Table of Contents

A. What to Look for in 7eye Windproof Motorcycle Sunglasses
B. Best 7eye Motorcycle Sunglasses for Wind
1. 7eye Viento
2. 7eye Briza
3. 7eye Churada
4. 7eye Cape
5. 7eye Bora
C. Prescription 7eye Motorcycle Sunglasses Online at SportRx

What to Look for in 7eye Windproof Motorcycle Sunglasses

When you combine a high MPH trajectory on the bike with nature's wind speeds, it's easy to quickly find your vision impacted. All these 7eye motorcycle sunglasses provide the highest level of wind protection, so you can enjoy the ride. Here are the main wind-blocking features across all the frames in today's lineup:

AirShield® Eyecup Technology

Motorcycle sunglasses with foam eyecups are the number one way of blocking wind, dust, and debris. 7eye's unique AirShield® Eyecup Technology combines closed cell foam with a patented ventilation system for the most comfortable visual experience and highest level of protection. Closed cell foam is sweat and moisture-resistant, while also being one of the most durable foam materials. The ventilation system encourages air flow, so your vision remains fog-free. Finally, the AirShield® Eyecup is removable and replaceable for extra frame versatility and longevity.

7eye motorcycle sunglasses with Airshield foam eyecup popped out.

7Eye AirShield® Eyecup Technology featured in the Panhead

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8-Base Wrap

Foam eyecups and an 8-base wrap are the winning combo for your 7eye motorcycle glasses. In fact, for foam gaskets to perform at their best, an 8-base wrap around design is essential. This contoured fit allows the foam to create a complete seal and delivers a wide field of vision.


In addition to wind-blocking capabilities, all the frames in our lineup of the best 7eye motorcycle sunglasses for wind are impact-resistant. Because when you're on the bike, safety is always a priority. For windy days, flat days, and everything in between, impact-resistant frames and lenses ensure the highest level of protection from high-velocity impacts.


If you wear prescription, a comfortable ride doesn't stop at just wind-blocking eyewear. You need a visual boost with prescription lenses tailor-made to your vision needs. At SportRx, all 7eye motorcycle sunglasses are Rx-able and ready to take you on your next adventure with perfect clarity.

Best 7eye Motorcycle Sunglasses for Wind

Let's check out the frames!

7eye Viento

Introducing the 7eye Viento, the newest frame from 7eye and the next favorite item in your riding gear. Its aerodynamic design is ultra-sleek and thin, making it a perfect fit under your helmet. Rubber inlays at the temple tips provide extra grip without adding width. Because of its compact design, the 7eye Viento is ideal for those with small faces.

As for the lenses, 7eye SharpView lens technology provides 100% UV protection and is shatter-resistant. The Viento is also prescription-friendly with SportRx Sport Optimized Lenses, as are all the frames in our lineup.

7eye Viento motorcycle sunglasses in matte black with grey lenses.

7eye Viento in Matte Black with SharpView Grey Lenses

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7eye Viento Key Features:

  • Best for small faces
  • Aerodynamic wrap around design fits seamlessly under helmet
  • Rubber inlays at temple tips provide grip without width
  • Rx-able
  • SportRx Frame Width: 127 (What is SFW?)

7eye Briza

Female riders, this next frame is just for you. The 7eye Briza combines the best of 7eye frame technology with a women's design that doesn't skimp out on style. Metal accents glimmer in the sunlight and are inlaid in thick temples that provide extra peripheral protection. The temples' tapered structure also guarantees a seamless fit under your helmet, free from uncomfortable pressure points.

7Eye Briza women's windblocking motorcycle sunglasses in brown tortoise with copper lenses.

7eye Briza in Sunset Tortoise with SharpView Copper Lenses

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7eye Briza Key Features:

  • Women's motorcycle riding sunglasses are a perfect fit on smaller faces
  • Tapered temple arms provide extra peripheral protection and a seamless fit under helmets
  • Closed cell foam is weather, sweat, and grime-resistant to increase longevity
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 127

7eye Churada

This 2020 REXY Nominee for the Best Motorcycle Sunglasses continues to be a riding favorite today. It is one of 7eye's best-selling styles, and one of our Sports Opticians' most recommended motorcycle frames. A low-profile design works well on those with small to medium faces, and the rubber grip creates a comfortable and secure fit. Sleek temples rest comfortably under your helmet and an optional leash guarantees enhanced frame stability when you need it most.

7Eye Churada motorcycle glasses for wind with foam gasket. Black frame with grey lenses.

7eye Churada in Glossy Black with SharpView Grey PC Lenses

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7eye Churada Key Features:

  • REXY Nominee for the Best Motorcycle Sunglasses
  • Best for small to medium faces
  • Low-profile design works well under full face helmets and half helmets
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 129

7eye Cape

Have you ever found your perfect riding frame, only to slip it on and find out the temple arms are too short or far too long? Temple length is a frame feature that can make, or break, the deal. 7eye took care of this common issue with a unique design in the Cape sunglasses. This wrap around frame has a discrete mechanism hidden inside each temple that allows you to adjust the length. By customizing the closeness of fit, you'll achieve a frame that sits at the ideal distance from your face, so wind doesn't sneak through. Trust us when we say this small detail makes a big difference on the bike.

7Eye sunglasses in grey with brown copper lenses and foam gasket.

7Eye Cape in Charcoal with SharpView Copper Lenses

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7eye Cape Key Features:

  • Adjustable temple length mechanism allows you to customize the closeness of fit
  • True medium fit works on a variety of face shapes
  • Slim, curved temple tips are helmet-compatible
  • Rx-able and available with Rx Adaptor for high prescriptions
  • SFW: 133

7eye Bora

Wrapping up our lineup, we have the ever-popular 7eye Bora. This wind-blocking frame isn't too far from the previous Cape's design, but there are a few noteworthy differences. The Bora has straight temples, unlike the Cape's bent design. Not to worry, they both are ultra-thin to accommodate helmets, so this feature is purely a choice of personal preference. Another difference is the sizing. The 7eye Bora is slightly larger with an SFW of 136. This makes it a perfect fit for both genders of medium to large eyewear sizes. Not sure which size to get? Reach out to our Sports Opticians, and we'll be happy to help!

7eye motorcycle sunglasses for wind protection featuring the Bora wraparound frame in charcoal grey with grey lenses.

7eye Bora in Charcoal with Sharpview Grey PC Lenses

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7eye Bora Key Features:

  • Straight temples fit seamlessly under helmets
  • Medium to large fit that works well on both genders
  • Optional leash for extra frame security
  • Rx-able and available with Rx adaptor for high prescriptions
  • SFW: 136

Shop Prescription 7eye Motorcycle Sunglasses Online at SportRx

Need prescription 7eye motorcycle sunglasses for wind? Done. When you shop with SportRx, you’ll find video guides and tool tips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and we recommend starting with our Motorcycle Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide and the Best Lenses for Motorcycle Riding. If you want to chat with an expert, give us a call! We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house Sports Opticians who can help you build the best 7eye motorcycle sunglasses for wind.

Ditch risky online shopping with our See Better Guarantee™. Try your 7eye windproof motorcycle glasses for 45 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, send them back. Get a full refund, exchange, or credit towards a better pair. And return shipping? Covered. Get the best 7eye motorcycle sunglasses for wind and dry eyes online at SportRx today!

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