An incredible experience on your motorcycle starts with the right eyewear. Your sunglasses or goggles' primary job is to protect your eyes, but they should also be comfortable, pull your look together, and even enhance your vision. But, how do you know whether to wear glasses or goggles? This guide will go over 4 comparison points to help you decide.

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Motorcycle Glasses vs Goggles

Let's Compare

Both sunglasses and goggles are designed to preserve your eye health, but they function differently. To figure out which form of eyewear best serves you, consider the fit and style you're looking for, as well as the climate and the speed you travel at.


Full face or half helmets typically require sunglasses by way of eyewear because goggles can be bulky and may not fit safely beneath a face shield. If you have an open face helmet, you have the freedom to choose either style.

The adjustable strap that wraps around your helmet gives goggles a more secure fit than glasses. They have a seal around your eyes to ensure wind and other particles can't get in. If you're leaning towards selecting sunglasses, make sure they're designed for the sport. Motorcycle sunglasses have a seal around your eyes as well, but even high-wrap frames aren't going to have quite as much coverage on the sides of your eyes as goggles.


Are you going for a cruise along the coast, or covering massive mileage on a multi-day journey? The higher the speed, the more protection you need. Even high-quality motorcycle sunglasses won't be able to keep some wind from entering through small gaps in the frame. Aside from being just plain uncomfortable, allowing the wind to constantly dry out your eyes causes vision problems over time. If you're going to be riding at top speeds, you'll want to seal out the wind with goggles.

On the contrary, fogging occurs at slower speeds, so if you're going to be stopping frequently or riding leisurely, sunglasses have you covered.


Since you're exposed to the elements when you're motorcycling, the weather plays a crucial role in establishing whether glasses or goggles are safer.

As you might guess, motorcycle sunglasses are just fine in a mild or hot climate. The frames allow for more breathe-ability and won't fog up as easily as sealed goggles. However, if you're expecting rain or snow, or live in a place conducive to extreme weather, goggles might be the better option. Their seal keeps your eyes protected from wind, dust, and anything else that disrupts your ability to see clearly.


When it comes to style, motorcycle sunglasses are the way to go. Fashionable both on and off your bike, they double as regular sunglasses or even work glasses if they're safety certified. You may get some funny looks if you sport your goggles after parking your bike.

If you've got a social gathering on the other end of your ride, do yourself a favor and slide on those shades.



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