The Padres are a baseball team near and dear to San Diego-based SportRx, so we’re excited to talk about who’s wearing what out on the field. Join us as we review which Padres players wear baseball glasses and how to get a pair of your very own.

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1. Fernando Tatís Jr.
2. Matt Beaty
3. Prescription Baseball Glasses Online at SportRx

Fernando Tatís Jr.

The Padres’ all-star shortstop, nicknamed El Niño, is famous for many things including his baseball glasses. When he’s not hitting home runs or double-jumping to catch a ball, Tatís Jr. is spotted wearing the big shield-type sunglasses first popularized in cycling that are now making their way onto the baseball diamond.

100% Speedcraft in HiPER Iceberg Blue Mirror + Clear

100% Speedcraft in HiPER Iceberg Blue Mirror + Clear

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These sunglasses are from the San Diego-based brand 100%, and Tatís Jr. switches between the S2, S3, and Speedcraft on the field. And in 100%’s first collaboration, last year, they released the S3 and Speedcraft in the Tatís signature colors of white and gold. The custom-painted sunglasses were such a hit they sold out almost instantly, but at SportRx we offer all of them in other colorways.

100% S3 shield sunglasses in white with orange shield lens.

100% S3 in Soft Tact White with Hiper Red Multilayer Mirror + Clear Lenses

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While the 100% baseball sunglasses El Niño favors aren’t available in prescription, check out the very Rx-able 100% Speedcoupe.

100% Speedcoupe in Matte White with HiPER Iceberg Blue Mirror Lenses

100% Speedcoupe in Matte White with HiPER Iceberg Blue Mirror Lenses

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Matt Beaty

A first baseman and outfielder recently transferred from the Dodgers, Matt Beaty is the Rx representation we needed on the Padres. His sunglasses of choice are the Oakley Flak Draft, a discontinued model similar to the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL.

Beaty wears his baseball glasses in prescription with Oakley authentic lenses, in the PRIZM™ Field (formerly PRIZM™ Baseball) tint optimized for the baseball diamond. With lenses designed to make the ball easier to spot, you’ll be seeing better than ever.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sports sunglasses in black with PRIZM™ Field rose copper lenses.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL in Polished Black with PRIZM™ Field Lenses

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Since Beaty is new to the Padres, we’re excited to see how he’ll work with the team this season.

Prescription Baseball Glasses Online at SportRx

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