SportRx’s Dan Bruton and Rob Tavakoli traveled to Rio de Janeiro along with Team USA eyewear partner, Oakley. What they saw is not what they were expecting to find.


SportRx’s Dan and Rob at the RIO Olympics with the Oakley Crew!

Leading up to the trip, the two were preparing for the worst: Zika, contaminated water, dangerous streets – all the things you’ve probably heard circulating in conversations around Rio. So they loaded up on OFF!, surrounded themselves with extra security detail, and did not plan on taking a dip in the waters of Rio de Janeiro.

The Water of Copacabana Beach was Clear as Can Be

The Water of Copacabana Beach was Clear as Can Be

What they did see might surprise you: clear-water beaches, security at every corner, and no chatter about the Zika virus among locals whatsoever. Rob may have spotted a single mosquito during the entire trip. Pretty much the worst thing that happened was waiting in line for an hour to get an order of French fries at Opening Ceremonies concession stands.

The hysteria created around these concerns caused Olympic athletes to consider skipping the 2016 games – one including Rory McIlroy along with six others among the world’s top golfers. However, it didn’t stop these two guys from San Diego. And they returned safe, sound, and in one piece.

Sunglass Rob Kickin' It with Professional Rugby Player, Nick Cummins

Sunglass Rob Kickin’ It with Professional Rugby Player, Nick Cummins

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