Champagne Goggles. Not to be confused with beer goggles, when copious amounts of alcohol change your perception of the attractiveness of another person. What could be a better way to celebrate a triumphant victory than pouring champagne over your friend’s heads? When players win a game, champagne goes flying in the plastic-covered locker room. There is some spontaneity in the showering of champagne. You never know when the top will pop or where the champagne will shoot. Hopefully, it is not too spontaneous though. We hope that the players at least don champagne goggles during their effervescent celebration.

Dodgers Clinch NL West Championship in Oakley Air Break

LA Dodgers Enjoy their reign as NL West Champions sporting the Oakley Air Break Goggles

Why Do Players Wear Champagne Goggles?

For those who do not know, champagne contains alcohol. It is not like when you take a shower and some water gets into your eyes. The alcohol content is high enough to bring some serious damage to our eyes. And that’s just if the champagne gets in your eyes. First of all, there is the cork. Carbon dioxide creates pressure that can shoot out the cork at almost 30 miles per hour. At that speed, the cork could easily take out your eye. Now, let us imagine that the champagne is spraying in your face. Even the slightest drop to your eyes at a fast speed can cause corneal abrasions. While corneal abrasions can heal up in a few days, they will be some of the most painful days of your life.

The Latest Uses of Champagne Goggles

Toronto Raptors Championship Celebration

When the Toronto Raptors dethroned the Golden State Warriors, winning Canada’s first NBA title, there was a huge celebration in the locker room. Bottles and bottles of champagne lined the locker room floor at the end of the celebration. If the players didn’t drink the champagne, it was sprayed all over the plastic-lined floor of the locker room. For their celebration, the Raptors wore the Oakley Crowbar MX Goggle.

Oakley Crowbar MX Goggle

Oakley Crowbar MX Goggle in Megaburst Black and Fire Iridium Lenses

Women’s World Cup Victory

When the United States women’s national soccer team won the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, they took to the streets with their celebration. It was a victory not just for the United States, but for women across the globe. Before their public celebrations, the women’s national soccer team celebrated in their locker room. The walls and floor were lined with plastic as they danced and drank beer and sprayed champagne, all while wearing white Nike fade snow goggles.

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