Winter is coming, and it’s time to start searching for your new snow gear. Luckily, SMITH has given us the scoop on their new design from their 2018/19 snow collection, the Skyline. Featuring an advanced rimless design and impeccable ChromaPop lens technology, the Skyline will have you itching for snow season to come quicker. Let us give you a first look at the SMITH Skyline and explain what makes these goggles worth its weight in gold.


SMITH Skyline Goggles Review

1. Skyline Features
2. ChromaPop Technology

Skyline Features

This brand new rimless design by SMITH has some fascinating features that will make you look slick on the slopes. Firstly, SMITH’s incredible anti-fogging and ventilation system with Porex filter make your vision crisp. You’ll have the same clear view on the top of the mountain as on the bottom. On top of that, the Skyline’s dual spherical lens enables a wide peripheral vision. Another key feature, the triple face foam is comfortable and makes integration with SMITH helmets simple. Even better, the Skyline comes in twelve exciting colorways for you to personalize, so you’ll always feel at your best when performing at it too.

ChromaPop Technology

SMITH Skyline features the iconic ChromaPop Lens Technology that has made the brand so popular. This advanced lens mechanics allows eyes to see true color. It filters out two specific unwanted wavelengths of light that gives clearer vision and great definition. They are more efficient than traditional lenses. Find out more about SMITH ChromaPop Lens Technology by following the link provided.

Want SMITH Skyline Goggles in Your Prescription?

The amazing part of any SMITH snow goggles is that they are compatible with prescription inserts. Take a look at your options to find your perfect pair. As always, be confident in your choice with the See Better Guarantee, giving you 45 days to return your goggles if you are not 100% satisfied. Expert opticians can talk you through the process in a timely manner and get your Prescription Inserts in the SMITH Skyline and any other snow goggle or sunglasses.

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