Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 50 vs. 54

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer 50 vs. 54
There's nothing like that classic look of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, also known as the RB2140. The original Wayfarer made its first fashion statement back in 1952. It has since transcended across multiple generations, proving itself to be one of the most recognized sunglass frames in the world. From The Blues Brothers to Tom Cruise, Wayfarers have been worn by the industry's most iconic figures for years, and continue to be rocked on the red carpet and beyond - it's no wonder you're deciding which size to get for yourself. That said, here's a comparison of the Wayfarer 50 vs. 54:

The Wayfarer 50

The 50 refers to the width of each lens, which is 50mm. It' a pretty standard size and fits small to medium faces. Another measurement to consider is the height of the lens, also known as the "B measurement." The B measurement for these is 40mm tall.

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer 50 eye size, Wayfarer 50 vs 54 Original Wayfarer 50

The Wayfarer 54
The Wayfarer 54 jumps up in size quite a bit. With lenses that are 54mm wide, they are a substantially bigger size. Also, the height of each lens is 46mm tall and fit medium to large faces. (I’m a bigger guy – 6’2”, 200 and blah blah blah pounds, and they fit me pretty well.) While these fit a guy like me, the more common size for the original Wayfarer is the 50 eyesize.

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer 54 eye size Original Wayfarer 54

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