If you struggle with blinding glare on a regular basis, having polarized sunglasses could prove to be quite helpful. Today, you will learn how to tell if Ray-Bans are polarized and insights on whether polarized lenses may be right for you.

example of vision of beach through polarized sunglasses and non polarized sunglasses

Vision through non-polarized sunglasses (left) and polarized sunglasses (right)

Polarized Ray-Ban Sunglasses

1. Watch the Video
2. How To Tell If Ray-Bans Are Polarized
3. What Are Polarized Lenses
4. When Are Polarized Lenses Beneficial
5. Things To Consider
6. Speak With An Optician

Watch the Video

Join Rio as she explains how to test your Ray-Ban eyewear for polarization. For more information, continue reading below!

How To Tell If Ray-Bans Are Polarized

To start, we will begin with the simplest indicator. A question we often get is, “What does the Ray-Ban 'P' mean?” If you purchased your glasses directly from Ray-Ban or a Ray-Ban authorized dealer such as SportRx, the “P” next to the Ray-Ban signature indicates that your lenses are polarized.

Now, if you didn’t get your glasses directly from Ray-Ban or an authorized dealer, maybe your lenses have the “P” on them, but you are questioning if they are, indeed, polarized. How to tell if your Ray-Bans are polarized at home? You can run a quick and easy test on them using just your glasses and a computer screen.

With the computer monitor on, you will want to hold your glasses out in front of you so you can see the computer screen through the lenses. You will then turn your glasses 90 degrees clockwise, or counter-clockwise. If the lenses appear to get darker, then you have yourself a pair of polarized lenses!

What Are Polarized Lenses

Next, we will go over why this test works. In order to do this, we will have to understand what polarized light is. When light shines from a source such as the sun, this light is scattered in all different directions. This scattered light is what we call unpolarized.
However, when scattered light comes in contact with other objects, the vertical rays are absorbed or refracted, and the horizontal light is bounced off and reflected. When too much of this horizontally vibrating light enters the eyes, they have a hard time managing the intensity. This added intensity causes us to perceive what we call glare. Now, this is where polarized lenses come in! Polarized lenses consist of a filter that blocks this horizontally oscillating light, thus cutting out distracting and blinding glare.

When Are Polarized Lenses Beneficial

HOW TO TELL IF RAY-BANS ARE POLARIZED: man driving car, wearing black Ray-Ban Balorama polarized sunglasses

Alec is Wearing the Ray-Ban RB4089 Balorama with Polarized Lenses

Now that you know how to tell if Ray-Bans are polarized and how polarized lenses work, you may already have an idea on why polarized lenses may be beneficial. For fisherman, they help cut the reflection bouncing off water. In turn, they increase contrast and clarity, making it a lot easier to spot fish. Polarized lenses can also be helpful when running and driving, cutting reflections off cars and pavement. However, you do want to consider your particular running and driving conditions before deciding to opt for polarized lenses.

Things To Consider

Although sunny conditions may be normal during a lot of sports and activities, polarized lenses are not for everyone. Polarized lenses do make things appear darker so, if you are somewhere where glare isn’t an issue, polarized lenses could exceedingly darken the environment. Polarized lenses can also distort your depth perception so you will want to opt out of polarized sunglasses for things such as mountain biking, ball sports like tennis and golf, and even some hiking conditions. During snow sports, polarized lenses can even make it difficult to distinguish ice from snow. Also, if you find yourself working outdoors on your phone and laptop quite often, you will want to avoid polarized sunglass lenses as they can cause screen distortions and make it fairly difficult to view your work.

Speak With An Optician

Unsure whether polarized lenses are right for you? Avoid playing a guessing game and give SportRx a call! We have friendly opticians available 7 days a week who can get you into lenses that fit your vision and lifestyle needs. Need prescription, polarized sunglasses and want them with the Ray-Ban logo? Opt for Ray-Ban Authentic Lenses during checkout and your lenses will be made right at the Ray-Ban lab. They will have the Ray-Ban logo on the right lens and the RB initials engraved on the left.

Lastly, when you order with SportRx, you are backed by our See Better Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your new Ray-Ban sunglasses, let us know within 45 days of receipt. We will remake them to perfection, coordinate an exchange, or provide a full refund. We never charge restocking fees, and cover shipping- both ways. Say goodbye to annoying glare and get your Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses at SportRx today!