Crosslinks on Crosslinks on Crosslinks! We've got Crosslinks for days! It's easy to get confused with the many options offered though Oakley's extensive Crosslink series, so to help clear things up, we made videos on the Original Oakley Crosslink, the Crosslink Pitch, and in this video, we will talk about the difference between the Original Oakley Crosslink vs. Sweep vs. Pitch. Rob shows a quick, side-by-side comparison to give us a better idea of the differences between each model.

Original Crosslink- The original Oakley Crosslink was the first of this amazing, versatile series and features a slightly more oval shape with a sporty temple design. The original Oakley Crosslink comes in two eye sizes: 53 and 55.

Original Oakley Crosslink vs. Pitch vs. Sweep, Original Oakley Crosslink in Grey Smoke/Retina Burn

Original Oakley Crosslink (Grey Smoke/Retina Burn)

Crosslink Sweep- The Crosslink Sweep only comes in a 55 eye size, and is considered to be the sportiest of the three frames. The sweep design hugs your cheeks a little bit more than the other frames and has a more sporty-looking temple. *This frame has been discontinued.

Prescription Oakley Crosslink Sweep, Original Oakley Crosslink vs Sweep vs Pitch

Oakley Crosslink Sweep (in Pearl/Team Cardinal)

Crosslink Pitch- The Crosslink Pitch has a more subtle design, and the frame is more square-shaped in comparison to the other two models. The temple is also less sporty-looking than the other two frames. But make no mistake - there are so many options with these hybrid frames; they can still take you up the side of a mountain or through a business meeting. The Crosslink Pitch comes in a 54 and a 52 eye size, so they're just a bit smaller than the other versions.

Oakley Crosslink Pitch, Original Oakley Crosslink vs Sweep vs Pitch

Oakley Crosslink Pitch (in Black Satin Sky Blue)

All three frames provide versatility, durability, and are equipped with Oakley's unobtainium technology. The only major differences are the style designs and eye size. Another great feature of Oakley's Crosslink series is the interchangeable arms. Each pair of Crosslinks comes with two different sets of arm colors: a fun color and a neutral color. So you can adapt from workout to workplace in just a few simple steps.

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