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The Oakley Crosslink: Sports Glasses in Disguise

The Oakley Crosslink is among the most popular glasses right now. And the reason why is its unique versatility of being both sporty and casual. They sort of have this Clark Kent characteristic to them, going from regular eyeglasses to sports glasses in no time. The Crosslink has a few attributes that make them true […]

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Sport Sunglasses We're Loving in 2015

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, love is in the air (well, for some people anyway) so we wanted to give you a list of glasses and sport sunglasses that are getting lots of love in the SportRx building right now. EYEGLASSES: The Oakley Crosslink is our absolute favorite when it comes to eyeglasses. The sleek crossover […]

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Original Oakley Crosslink vs. Sweep vs. Pitch

Crosslinks on Crosslinks on Crosslinks! We've got Crosslinks for days! It's easy to get confused with the many options offered though Oakley's extensive Crosslink series, so to help clear things up, we made videos on the Original Oakley Crosslink, the Crosslink Pitch, and in this video, we will talk about the difference between the Original Oakley Crosslink vs. […]

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How To: Change Arms on the Oakley Crosslink Pitch

The interchangeable arms on the Oakley Crosslink Pitch allow you to customize the look of your glasses. Each pair of Oakley Crosslinks come with two sets of arms: a fun color, and a neutral color. Today we watch Rob take a look at how to change the arms on the Oakley Crosslink Pitch. These glasses are an awesome, […]

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Oakley Crosslink Pitch Review

We are super excited about another addition to Oakley's ever popular Crosslink Collection, the Crosslink Pitch. These glasses look a little less sporty than the original Oakley Crosslink, which gives them the ability to transform from work to play and then back again! They are equipped with the wonderful Unobtainium technology, which helps your glasses […]

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How to Change Arms on the Oakley Crosslink

How to change arms on the Oakley Crosslink and Crosslink Sweep: 1) Press the little button on the inside of the temple next to the hinge (pictured). 2) Pull the arm away from the frame. Don’t be afraid to give it a good tug. 3) Grab the new arm and slide the little metal bar into the […]

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