Get ready to shred in perfectly-fitting Oakley ski & snow goggles designed specifically for small faces. Expertly curated by Sports Opticians, who are a bit obsessive with getting the right fit, this lineup of our top 3 picks will keep you seeing clearly on the slopes while preventing cold air from reaching your eyes. Join us as we reveal the 2021–2022 season's best Oakley ski & snow goggles for small faces!

Table of Contents

A. Video Review
B. What to Look for in Oakley Goggles
C. Best Oakley Ski & Snow Goggles for Small Faces
1. Flight Tracker S
2. Line Miner Youth
3. Flight Deck M
D. Oakley Prescription Goggles Online at SportRx

Video Review

Join Eyeglass Tyler as he highlights our picks for the top snow goggles that work for smaller faces.

What to Look for in Oakley Goggles

For an in-depth review, visit our Oakley Snow Goggles Buyer's Guide. For a quick recap, we'll cover Oakley frame and lens technology below.

Frame Technology

While the design of Oakley ski goggles may vary, there are a few common features that are found in them all. Here is a list of frame features that you'll find every one of Oakley's snow goggles:

  • Triple-layer foam creates a comfortable seal around your face to keep cold air out while also wicking away sweat.
  • Anti-fog coating is applied to the inside of the lens to prevent fogging & keep your vision clear.
  • Adjustable silicone-lined strap provides a no-slip grip around your helmet and is easily customized to a perfect fit.

Lens Technology

All Oakley ski goggles feature PRIZM™ Snow lens technology. Designed to enhance your vision in any conditions you encounter on the mountain, PRIZM™ Snow lenses provide greater contrast to make out your lines. Available in 8 different tints, you're guaranteed to get a perfect match to your favorite skiing or snowboarding environment and conditions.

Best Oakley Ski & Snow Goggles for Small Faces

Now that we're familiar with Oakley's proprietary snow tech, let's get into the goggles!

Flight Tracker S

Kicking off our lineup is the smallest size of the Flight Tracker family, the Flight Tracker S. Featuring a toric lens that combines both spherical and cylindrical shapes, you'll get better optics and a more low-key appearance in this goggle. To keep cool air out, you'll get the aforementioned triple-layer foam but also extra padding along the nose bridge to accomodate any nose shape or size. As for the silicone strap, it's a generous 40mm so you can ride downhill with confidence that your goggles won't budge.

Oakley Flight Tracker S ski & snow goggles in olive and mustard with PRZIM dark grey shield lens.

Oakley Flight Tracker S in Dark Brush Mustard with PRIZM™ Dark Grey Lens

Shop Oakley Flight Tracker S

Oakley Flight Tracker S Key Features

  • Toric lens provides great optics in a more laid-back style
  • Extra padding along nose bridge prevents cold air from sneaking in
  • 40mm silicone strap is adjustable & provides secure grip around helmet or beanie
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx

Line Miner Youth

The Line Miner Youth is the first ever kid-friendly PRIZM™ snow goggle from Oakley. But don't let the word 'youth' fool you — This goggle is a perfect fit on adults with small faces. Featuring a wide cylindrical lens, you'll get an expansive field of vision to enhance your ride. Similar to the Flight Tracker S, the Line Miner Youth also features extra nose bridge foam padding to eliminate cold air and increase comfort.

Oakley Line Miner Youth ski & snow goggles for small faces. Goggle is matte black with prizm red torch shield lens.

Oakley Line Miner Youth in Matte Black with PRIZM™ Torch Lenses

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Oakley Line Miner Youth Key Features

  • Cylindrical lens provides expansive view
  • Small fit works well on adults with small faces or kids
  • Low-profile design blocks cold air
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx

Flight Deck M

Closing out our lineup of the best Oakley ski & snow goggles for small faces, we have the ever-popular Flight Deck M. With a full rimless design, you'll get maximum field of vision without the distracting "goggle vision" making its way into your sight. The spherical lens shape provides unobstructed peripherals while seamlessly contouring your face. Similar to the other two goggles, the Flight Deck M also features extra nose bridge padding topped with polar fleece for warmth.

Oakley Flight Deck M ski & snow goggles in black with PRIZM Sapphire blue lens.

Oakley Flight Deck M in Exclusive Code Black (Oakley / SportRx Collab) with PRIZM™ Sapphire Lens

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Oakley Flight Deck M Key Features

  • Full rimless goggle provides maximum field of vision
  • Greatest peripheral vision without seeing the goggle frame
  • Spherical lens contours face to keep out cold air
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx

Oakley Prescription Goggles Online at SportRx

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