The Siphon embraces Oakley’s heritage as it is modeled after the notorious Carbon Prime. A sophisticated look with modern high-wrap styling give the Siphon a look that resembles the Carbon Prime and stays true to Oakley's roots. Sunglass Rob and Oakley Rep, Nick Farnham, break down the details and features in the video below.

The same silhouette and look of the Carbon Prime at a third of the price make the Siphon a win-win situation. The Oakley Siphon boasts Unobtanium earsocks, PRIZM lens technology, and O-Matter frame construction. This frame features an eight base wraparound fit that is perfect for medium to large faces.

Oakley Siphon

Oakley Siphon in Polished Black with PRIZM Sapphire

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Frame Features:

High Wrap: The Siphon is a high wrap frame which means that it has a curved front which follows the contour of your face. This gives you the benefit of peripheral coverage but still allows you to see out of the lens. A high wrap also blocks more light from coming in through the sides of the glasses. This eliminates light reflecting off the inside of the lens into your eyes.

PRIZM Lens Technology: Now you can see the world the way you are meant to with Oakley PRIZM lenses. PRIZM Technology was developed to boost the colors that your eye is most sensitive to and filter out the noisy, distracting colors. This helps you to see more definition and contrast which improves performance in a sport environment or visual experience for lifestyle purposes.

Unobtanium: The ear socks on the Siphon feature Unobtanium which maximize grip and keep the frames in place on your face. Even if you are not planning on using these glasses for sport purpose, it is always convenient to have it if you break a sweat and end up needing that extra grip.

O-Matter Frame Construction: Oakley’s patented O-Matter material gives this frame a lightweight feel and uncompromising durability. Knowing that your sunglasses will hold up to potential abuse will give you the ease of mind to enjoy your day regardless of what it has in hold for you.

Frame Dimensions:

  • Eyesize(lens width): 64 mm
  • Lens Height: 42 mm
  • DBL(Distance Between Lenses): 16 mm
  • Temple Length: 126 mm

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