The Oakley Ridgeline is for those who want to go BIG. Featuring the largest lens in Oakley history, the Ridgeline will give you maximum coverage in a sharp look. Familiar design cues from its predecessor, the Double Edge, give this frame a stern look that means business. With a lens this large, you won’t miss a thing.

The future is here! The Ridgeline will give you a new wave look in a large to extra large fit. If Sunglass Rob says these glasses are large, then you know they have an oversize fit. O Matter frame construction, PRIZM lens technology, and interchangeable icons make the Ridgeline ideal if you are looking for some extra coverage and anyone has ever told you that you have a big head!

Oakley Ridgeline

Oakley Ridgeline in Matte Translucent Blue with PRIZM Ruby

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Frame Features:

Shield Lens: The largest lifestyle lens in Oakley history is no joke. If you have a larger face and haven’t found the coverage you are looking for then this will surely be a step in the right direction. The Ridgeline features a raised brow line and expansive lens width for a view that is hard to match. This type of coverage is unheard of in competitor lifestyle frames.

Interchangeable Icons: Do you like to put your own twist on things? Having your own voice is what makes being an individual so great. Now you can customize your frames to match your personality. Interchangeable icons on the Ridgeline allow you to make it all your own.

Unobtanium Nosepad: Nothing is worse than having to adjust your glasses because they keep slipping you’re your nose. Okay, well maybe there a few things worse than that but it’s an inconvenience that you don’t have to deal with in the Ridgeline. Oakley patented Unobtanium nosepads keep the frames in place for all-day comfort. The more you sweat, the stickier and tackier the Unobtanium grip gets. Its as simple as that.

O-Matter Frame Construction: The Ridgeline frame is made from O Matter, adding to the comfort of the fit. O Matter is Oakley’s proprietary frame material that is super lightweight but also designed for abuse. The plastic composite is flexible resilient, so you don’t have to worry about them not holding up to whatever you get into.

PRIZM Lens Technology: You can make the most of your expansive view with Oakley PRIZM Lens Technology. PRIZM Technology was developed to make your vision more vibrant for an enhanced visual experience. It works by boosting the colors that your eye is most sensitive to while filtering out the noisy colors. The result is being able to pick up on finer detail and definition in your environment.

Frame Dimensions:

  • Lens Width: 127 mm
  • Lens Height: 43.3 mm
  • Temple Length: 128 mm

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