There has been a ton of hype around Oakley PRIZM HI Pink vs Rose low light lenses. The team at SportRx was lucky enough to join Oakley in Mammoth to test both lenses out. Watch Tyler below as he reviews both the Oakley PRIZM HI Pink and Oakley PRIZM Rose snow lenses to get the best comparison of Oakley's low light options. If you dont find what you are looking for here, we also have an updated version of the comparison between PRIZM HI pink and Rose.


Oakley PRIZM HI Pink vs Rose

The basic breakdown: Oakley PRIZM HI Pink is Oakley's lowest light lens, while Oakley PRIZM Rose is Oakley's low light lens. According to feedback from shredders, the Rose lens was too dark for totally white out days. With this information, Oakley added the PRIZM HI Pink lens to their line to give skiers and snowboarders optimal clarity while riding in bright, white out days. Both lenses for Oakley snow goggles are made for weather conditions of snow or overcast lighting.


Oakley PRIZM Rose

Oakley Lien Miner XM

Oakley Line Miner XM in Matte Black with a PRIZM Rose lens

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Oakley PRIZM Rose works well when it is overcast, dark, and cloudy. Even if the sun decides to peak out, the Rose lens is still functional and gives you amazing hand-depth perception and brings out contours. Oakley PRIZM Rose is arguably a good enough option for a low light lens, as it still covers you during really light days.

Oakley PRIZM HI Pink

Oakley Flight Deck XM

Oakley Flight Deck XM in Matte Black with a PRIZM HI Pink lens

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If you are concerned about not having enough light out there on white out days, Oakley PRIZM HI Pink is the best option. With the Oakley PRIZM technology, the HI Pink lens is virtually clear with light transmission of 35-40% and an increased contrast. Hi Pink lens will change your experience on a bright and white snowy day.


Oakley PRIZM Snow Lenses

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Oakley PRIZM Snow Goggles Online at SportRx!

Now that we know more about Oakley PRIZM HI Pink vs Rose lens options, it's time to check out the different Oakley snow goggle options online at SportRx. Not only will these low light Oakley PRIZM Snow lenses give you optimal visuals while shredding the slopes, but SportRx can also hook you up with prescription snow goggles. Enjoy your snowy and overcast days with Oakley PRIZM HI Pink or Rose lenses.

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