A football team is nothing without its fans. Winning or losing, you cheer your hardest until time runs out in the fourth quarter, leaving you anxiously waiting for the next game. Regardless of the outcome, your loyalty remains unquestioned. This is what makes you a true fan. Maybe you show loyalty by sporting your favorite player’s jersey, painting your face, or creating a sign to heckle the opponents.

But now you have another way to show affection for the team you love. Oakley and the NFL have partnered up to bring you exclusive sunglass colorways for your favorite team! There is no better way to represent your favorite NFL team than rocking a pair of Oakley-NFL sunglasses.

NFL Team Colorways

The Oakley NFL sunglasses were introduced as Oakley has now become the exclusive shield provider of the NFL. With over 32 teams to choose from, there is a sunglass here for every fan out there! These exclusive colorways are available in three models- Oakley Flak 2.0XL, Holbrook, and Low Key. The Flak and Holbrook boast a wider selection of all 32 team colorways and the Low Key comes in six colorways. What makes these limited-edition colorways even more exclusive is that they are not available as stock options in any of these frames. So, in a sense, none of these models have ever been or will be again released with these colors, surely make them collector’s items for Oakley heads and NFL superfans alike.

NFL Team Logo Lens Etching

But there is more to each frame than just the unique colors. The left lens on each model has your favorite team’s logo etched on it. Talk about custom! Just one thing to note-if you do happen to get your sunglasses in prescription, the lens etching is not available on the rx lenses.

NFL Custom Microfiber Bag

Also included is a custom team microfiber bag. This all-white soft bag features the Oakley icon front and center with the NFL crest on the opposite side to signify authenticity. This is just one more reason to show off your sunglasses even when they aren’t on your face.

PRIZM Lens Technology

PRIZM Lens Technology comes standard with your Oakley NFL sunglasses. As the optical world’s leading lens tech, PRIZM has paved the way for contrast-enhancement. Oakley PRIZM lenses work by manipulating the light spectrum through specially designed dyes. These dyes serve as a filter on the lens, accentuating all the important colors while muting the other ‘noisy’ colors. In turn, this boosts contrast and makes every detail easier to see. We have a complete PRIZM Lens Guide if you want to learn more about these game-changing sunglasses.


Oakley Flak 2.0 XL NFL Exclusive

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL in Exclusive Los Angeles Chargers Colorways

Shop NFL Oakley Flak 2.0 XL


Oakley Holbrook NFL Exclusive

Oakley NFL Holbrook

Oakley Holbrook in Exclusive Pittsburgh Steelers Colorway

Shop NFL Oakley Holbrook


Oakley Low Key NFL Exclusive

Oakley Low Key NFL

Oakley Low Key in Exclusive New York Giants Colorway

Shop NFL Oakley Low Key


Be the envy of your fellow fan base with a pair of Oakley-NFL sunglasses. These are designed for the most dedicated and hardcore fans out there!


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