Oakley Crosslink Pitch Review, Prescription Oakley Crosslink Pitch

Oakley Crosslink Pitch

We are super excited about another addition to Oakley's ever popular Crosslink Collection, the Crosslink Pitch. These glasses look a little less sporty than the original Oakley Crosslink, which gives them the ability to transform from work to play and then back again! They are equipped with the wonderful Unobtainium technology, which helps your glasses stay in place the hotter and sweatier you get. They also have interchangeable arms for extra versatility. So each pair comes with TWO sets of arms: a super cool color, and a basic color so that you can look like a superstar both in a meeting or while enjoying your favorite activity.

All Crosslinks are true sport glasses, and the Crosslink Pitch is no exception. You can get as active as you want in these glasses, but they also function as regular, everyday eyeglasses with a slightly sporty look. One pair of glasses is going to get you through a large amount of activities. Another special thing about the Crosslink is they can accommodate a range of prescriptions. SportRx has done very high prescriptions in these glasses for those of you who have limited options and need true sport glasses. The new Crosslink Pitch comes in two lens widths: a 52 and a 54 eye size. Whichever size you need, SportRx has you covered. Be sure to check out the video for our full Crosslink Pitch review!

If you have any questions about Oakley Eyeglasses, feel free to give us a call! The friendly team of SportRx opticians is here to help, 7 days a week!