The 2016-17 snow season has some exciting things in store for all you riders out there! During our recent trip to Mammoth Mountain, we we’re lucky enough to product test some up and coming Oakley goggles. After getting a little taste of what’s to come, we’ve discovered one of our new favorite goggles, the Oakley Line Miner.

Oakley Line Miner

oakley line miner

Oakley Line Miner in Matte Black with PRIZM Sapphire

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We were so blown away by the design, fit, and PRIZM lens technology, that we’re confident to say the Oakley Line Miner will be a top contender in the 2016-17 snow season. These new 2016 Oakley goggles will be sure to surpass the competition in the world of cylindrical goggles, as they have some of the most advanced optics out there. We’re so stoked on the new Oakley Line Miner that we couldn’t withhold some of our favorite features, so here you have it!


5 Key Features of the Oakley Line Miner:

1 | Cylindrical Lens: a flatter lens that offers expansive peripheral vision, while also giving off a cool, retro, 80s vibe for added style on the slopes. Oakley has been wary about developing a cylindrical lens because they’re usually not has optically in tune as spherical lenses. However, they found a way to create a cylindrical lens that offers amazing clarity in an expansive fashion. We were truly blown away by the amount of peripheral vision you have when looking through these lenses.

2 | Scratch Resistant, Anti-Fog Lenses: The Oakley Line Miner is equipped with dual pane, Plutonite lenses with an F-3 anti-fog coating. Not only are these Oakley lenses nearly impossible to scratch, but you also have the ability to clean the inside of the shield without damaging the fog coating – a very rare feature of goggle lenses. On top of the anti-fog coating, Oakley will be releasing the Inferno technology with the launch of the Oakley Line Miner. The Inferno is a heating element that plugs into the goggles, blasts heat onto the lens in increments of 3 minutes, and repeats the process as needed. The Oakley Line Miner will ensure optical, fog-free clarity throughout your days on the slopes.

3 | Triple Layer Face Foam: not only do these new Oakley goggles offer extreme clarity, but they’re also unbelievably comfortable thanks to the soft, moisture-wicking face foam. Despite the three layers of foam, the Oakley Line Miner sits closer to the face than any other goggle, so you won’t have any obstructed views from extra foam.

4 | Silicone-lined Strap: This feature makes the Oakley Lineminer a highly helmet-compatible snow goggle. Whether you’re wearing your goggles over the helmet or under the helmet, (or not at all) the Oakley Line Miner will be sure to stay in place on your face at all times.

5 | Highly Rx-able: Like all other Oakley goggles, the Oakley Line Miner works exceptionally well with our prescription goggle inserts. And we’re not just saying that either. We’ve tested the inserts inside the Oakley Line Miner goggles and we can confirm with confidence that Oakley Line Miner prescription goggles will exist in the upcoming season, and work just as well as any other pair of Oakley prescription goggles.


Oakley Line Miner Goggles | Mammoth Mountain Review

For a live preview, with a more in-depth product breakdown, check out our Oakley Line Miner slope-side product review!


We couldn’t be more excited for the launch of these 2016 Oakley Line Miner goggles, and we hope you feel the same now too. Because you should! The perks of the Oakley Line Miner are endless, and we’ll have more to say about these incredible Oakley goggles soon, so be on the lookout for more!


Oakley Line Miner in Prescription at SportRx!

If you have any other questions about these new Oakley goggles, feel free to give us a call! We love them so much and we love talking about them even more. Keep your eyes out for the launch of these babies in the 2016-17 snow season. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on the Oakley Line Miner goggles or Oakley Lineminer prescription goggles.

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