The Maui Jim Perico blows in like a salty coastal breeze. Pleasant, familiar, and full of sunshine-filled beach nostalgia. If you're a lover of sunglasses that have a timeless essence, the Perico is up to the task. Read on to find out more about why this frame has enough cool for hitting the beach in style whether its the 1940's or sometime in the future.

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If you want to see the Perico modeled by SportRx employees while I break down all the final details, click the video below!

Maui Jim Perico Review

If you're a Maui Jim fan, you may be feeling like you've seen this frame before. If this is the case, we commend you for having a sharp memory for great-looking sunglasses. The Perico has a lot in common with it's little cousin, the Kawika. There are, of course, some distinct differences between the two frames, so let's get into what makes Maui's newer offering so unique.


The first thing you might notice about the Perico is the sauve mix of bold acetate and Nickel-silver. You get a classy pseudo-half-rim look thanks to the frame's bold acetate browline and lower frame's thin metal trim. The classy effect of the glimmering metal is further embellished by the silicone-wrapped titanium nose pads and matching Maui Jim logo. The temples and bridge also feature bold acetate, which gives this pair of shades a striking appearance whether you're poolside or on the sand.


The first thing you need to know about Maui Jim frames is that they'll always be fitted with incredible lenses that feature Maui's PolarizedPlus2® lens tech. Maui's high-end polarized lenses deserve their own blog, so we wrote one, but we'll give you the basics here. They created a high-end polarized lens that eliminates 99.9% of glare, manages HEV, blocks all harmful UV light, and enhances color. Now that you know a bit about the basic eye protection, let's talk about the lens material itself.

The Perico comes equipped with Maui's SuperThin Glass lenses, which offer their most superior optics and clarity. SuperThin Glass also weighs roughly 32% less than the average glass lens. The final perk of glass lenses is that they will always offer the highest scratch and solvent resistance. Most people who have owned a pair of glasses know the frustration of scratching the lenses on a new (or any) pair of glasses. Thanks to the Perico having SuperThin Glass, this is less likely to happen.

SportRx Frame Width (SFW): 136mm, which means a Medium to Large fit for men and a Large fit for ladies.

Maui Jim Perico Sunglasses

Maui Jim Perico in Black Gloss with Gold and Neutral Grey Lenses

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